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Fast Hack'Em v9.9a [Fi Fast Hack'Em v9.9a [Fixed]

Back in the 80's Fast Hack'Em was one of my go-to copiers (along with Maverick & Di-Sector.)  I don't remember any bugs or problems with it back then, but now I was quite suprised to find many bugs & minor issues with it.  So, I collected every version that I could find and started patching fixes into them.  Below are 2 D64 files, Side 1 & Side 2, along with all the source files I used.  I made the following changes/choices while doing this:

1) For all of the copiers I used the latest versions (for the most part.)  In all cases, I tried testing them on real hardware when I could.  I also rolled back to previous versions that were the same.  I found, through binary compares, that many "updates" were nothing but changed version numbers and/or minor graphical changes.  So, if a copier anounces that it is an earlier version, that is because the later versions are either identical, or had a major bug of some sort that prevented it from working.  Whenever possible I tested them with real HW, but some I could not test completely.  I tried testing some of them in VICE, but VICE has issues with many copiers, so that some that failed in VICE worked just fine with real HW.

2) I also collected together all the parameters that came with almost every version.  Always using the updated versions.  The only duplication are the parameters that had a normal version and a SD-2 version.

3) I fixed the speed loader (only in C64 mode on a NTSC system,) for both the 1541 and the MSD SD-2 drives (yes, there is a speed loader that works with the SD-2, the only one I know of.)

4) I did not include any of the utilities that were obviously 3rd party additions.  I was rather strict about what I would eliminate, so some that are most likely 3rd party are still included.

5) I added in notification screens when you need to switch to/from 80 column mode.  The C128 File Copier (for example,) requires 80 Column mode.

6) Added in "Insert Side 1/2" notifications, if the requested utility is not found.

7) Added in a Boot sector, so that the C128 will auto boot the disk :)

8) Fixed the 80 Column display mode for all menus.  Here is were I did one of the few actual alterations.  Since I was basically re-writing the menus anyway (using the original code as a guide,) I decided that adding in some functionality wouldn't be an issue :)  I'm rather proud of the 80 column menus, as a matter of fact.

9) Greyed out & disabled utilities that requre a C128 if the menu is running on a C64 or a system in C64 mode.  There are a couple of C128 utilities that switch to C64 mode, but still only run on a C128.  Thes are marked with an "*" in the menus to give you warning before loading them.

10) Fixed the "Return to Menu" options for all the utilites.  Many would just crash, or load the wrong file, etc...  So, now you can return to the main menu after using any of the utilities (that have a return function.)  I did not add anything to any of the utilities.

11) Fixed all the minor bugs & such for all the utilities, that I could find.

I believe that I'm finished with it, and the bugs are all eliminated.


System Commodore 64
Size1.47 MB


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