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1541 Ultimate Firmware v2.6d [unofficial] 1541 Ultimate Firmware v2.6d [unofficial]

Important features of this firmware revision:

  • File viewer (great for reading the VERSION.NFO files reformatted by the GameBase 64 Reorganizer)
  • Integrated SID player
  • All fixes and compatible features up to official firmware release 2.6d.

My changes and additions:

  1. Added F3 help screen to show 1541U commands.
  2. Modified the file viewer so that scrolling will not advance past the last line.
  3. Added F1 and F7 page up/down to the file viewer.
  4. Modified behavior of the file browser so that when you cursor-right on an item with no children, the context menu is brought up as if you pressed return.


System Commodore 64
Size200.03 KB