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Unzip128 v Unzip128 v2.15 HOT

Unzip64v2 & Unzip128v2 are decompressors compatible with files created by PKZIP v2.04g & equivalent programs, as well as gzip (GNU zip). They will decompress deflated (and stored) files on a stock commodore 64 or 128 (respectively).


  • Writes D64 files to 1541/71 drives and to 1541 partitions on CMD devices
  • Fast decompression
  • Decompresses both ZIP & GZIP compressed files!
  • CRC-32bit data integrity checking
  • Path support for directories/partitions on CMD drives etc..
  • File type (PRG/SEQ) selection + individual override
  • Filename correction for lowercase ascii filenames.
  • Auto device detection.
  • Directory functions F1 & F3 for viewing source & destination directories.
  • Dos command functions.
  • Uses 2mhz mode on a 128 in 64 mode + uses VIC-II blank screen speedup
  • CMD device friendly (SCPU64, RamLink, HD/FDxxxx etc. etc. compatible)
  • CMD SCPU optimized
  • Compatable with just about any storage hardware, including ramdos/REU etc.
  • It decompresses ZIP2.04g files - what more do you want?
  • More? It decompresses GZIP files too
  • Want more still? It decompresses d64 images straight to 1541 disks!


System Commodore 128
Size5.64 KB


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