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Drive Cleaner v2.0 [GEOS Drive Cleaner v2.0 [GEOS 128]

Drive Cleaner v2.0 by Jorgen Eckel (Dated 8/15/1990) is a utilitiy for GEOS 128 (80 Columns) that will assist in cleaning the heads on a floppy drive using a special cleaning disk.  Although this version says it's specifically for the Commodore 128 version of GEOS, it works fine on GEOS for the Commodore 64 if you don't mind a few of the dialogue boxes not looking quite right as you can see in the screenshots.  

Full documentation is included in English even though the program itself is German.  Don't let the German scare you off, it is quite intuitive to use without being able to read the button labels.


System Commodore 128
Size5.39 KB


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