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Easy Working Writer v Easy Working Writer v2.00

Easy Working Writer v2.00 (Spinnaker) - This version is in .nib format instead of .d64 becuase it has copy protection in tact still.  WinVICE 3.1 works fine with .nib images, so I assume all newer versions will also.

Easy Working Writer is an easy-to-use program containing both a word processor and a spelling checker. A word processor is like a typewriter with expanded capabilities. Use it to write a document, such as a letter, a paper, or a report, just as though you were using a typewriter. But, unlike a typewriter, you can edit and format your document easily and without retyping. With a word processor, once you type the first draft, you only need to type in corrections and additions to your text-you never need to retype the entire document. Formatting, too, is a simple matter-with a single command, you can change from single spacing to double spacing , center a title, boldface a heading, or place a foreign word in italics.

The built-in Spelling Checker helps you find and replace misspelled words before you print your document.

Here's a link to the manual.


System Commodore 64
Size254.81 KB


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