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WRITE NOW! 64 (1983) by Computer:Applications Inc (Distributed by CARDCO, Inc.).  Described by the manual as follows:

WRITE NOW! was designed to provide you with an easy to use inexpensive word processor that provides the most desired features of an expensive word processor while being simple to learn and efficient to use. WRITE NOW! is written completely in machine language to eliminate the slowness found in some word processors. WRITE NOW! also uses screen oriented editing so it does not require the cumbersome editing modes required by other word processors.

As far as I know, the program was only officially distributed in cartridge form, but a group called ABA-Soft created a disk version.  This archive contains both a .CRT and .D64 if the program.  The .CRT version was pulled from a ROMset found here on archive.org, and the .D64 version was found here on csdb.dk. The manual for WRITE NOW! 64 can be found here.


System Commodore 64
Size26.67 KB


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