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C64 Miniword C64 Miniword v2.5

C64 Miniword v2.5 by Bo Zimmerman (The Zacman! ?? Is that Bo's handle?) - In my hunt for the Mirage Word Processor, I stumbled on Bo's github page where I found this neat little word processor.  Since there wasn't an actual compiled release of the program, I imported the project into CBMPrg Studio, assembled the ML part, then Blitzed the BASIC part and put all the necessary files into a D64 disk image.  Complete docs are in both the masterfile (mw_docs.txt) and also on the D64 that can be loaded into Miniword.  Miniword uses .prg files for storage, so you will want to load the file "2.5docs.mw".

The Github page and source files can be found HERE!


System Commodore 64
Size43.7 KB


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