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Autoboot Autoboot 128 HOT

The following blurb is from the text file included in the archive:

This program lets you create an auto-bootable disk.  It's the same program that was on the 1581 demo disk, except that I modified it to add one option.  The new option lets you merely allocate space for the autoboot sector instead of make a disk autobootable.  This could be handy if you wanted to make a disk bootable sometime later perhaps, but not now.  With this option the booting message still appears, but nothing is booted.

In fact, if you do make a disk bootable, you can later change your mind and use this option to stop a disk from autobooting.  Perhaps I should explain what autobooting means: the process hereby the computer automatically loads and runs a program on disk.  The bootable disk and the file to boot can be from any disk device, although the bootable disk is usually on device 8. One point about autobootable disks created with this program.  You can Abort the boot-up  process by pressing Control A.


System Commodore 128
Size2.85 KB


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