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C64Studio C64Studio v5.8

Add: Reload functionality for disassembler
Fix: Over zealous check on compiled file > $ffff
Fix: Import of Charpad file
Fix: Missing ASM settings in settings dialog restored
Add: Allow tabs with more than 9 spaces
Fix: Bug in non 40x25 sized char screens
Add: Line address display
Add: Context menu to jump to memory view from label
Add: Proper support for !addr pseudo op
Add: XOR as operator
Add: Now line separators (:) work properly
Add: Sample projects to release folder
Add/Fix: BASIC editor entry now does normal keyboard for normal entry, only positional mode in string enter mode
Add: Separated MRU in projects/files
Add: Import from ASM/BASIC to sprite editor
Fix: Memory block output display for BASIC
Fix: Running BASIC files with debugging enabled
Fix: Copy/Paste for Find/Replace
Add: GMOD2 cartridge support
Fix: Bug in macro evaluation, else if was evaluated
Add: Delta values in value table
Add: Set default key binding if no binding is set
Add: Allow reordering of tools
Add: BASIC macro multiplicator {4 down} now works
Fix: Totally broken if else chains
Fix: Endless loop if macro calls itself


System Windows
Size5.18 MB


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