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PuZip64 v PuZip64 v1.13


  • Creates ZIP-compatible file archives on C64, C128, VIC20, C16, or Plus/4
  • Also creates and compresses D64/D71/D81 disk images
  • Uses Deflate store or LZ77 compression with fixed huffman trees
  • Quite fast compression (file I/O takes the most time)
  • Select the files to compress/store from a directory listing
  • Uses C128 burst read if possible
  • Automatically uses the C64 burst modification if available
  • Works with REU/RAMDOS, IDE64, CMD Ramlink/Hard Disk
  • Uses 2MHz in C128's 40- and 80-column and C64 mode when possible
  • Works with SuperCPU
  • Supports IDE64 raw directory, and sector read and write for increased speed


System Commodore 64
Size5.98 KB


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