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DirMaster v3 DirMaster v3.1.0

DirMaster is a Windows-based GUI application designed to help Commodore enthusiasts explore and manage their disk image collections.

Some of the new stuff in v3.1.0:

  • .d1m (read/write)
  • Windows Explorer right click context menu,
    "Extract All Here": extracts all files from the
    disk or archive file into the same directory
  • add %H parameter to run in, to convert filename
    to $ hex characters
  • file properties adds file size in bytes and
    md5 hash
  • Ctrl x/c/v in a directory window will cut, copy,
    and paste files to and from the clipboard (mimics Windows Explorer behavior)
  • mouse over a sector in the BAM shows the file
    name and sector
  • selecting a file will number the linked sectors
    in the BAM
  • tweaks to batch output (html, seq, txt, csv), GEOS
    file handling, disk error handling (23/24/27/29),
    sfx/sda title handling, PETSCII tool
  • bug fixes addressing d2m, d4m, d81, t64, g64, nib
    and other general functions


System Windows
Size7.8 MB


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