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DirMaster v3 DirMaster v3.1.4

Issues reported by users that were resolved in v3.1.4:

  • On a d81, we cannot navigate into a subdirectory created inside a subdirectory [0193] (scott.hutter)
  • A large (32 blocks) GEOS VLIR file that cannot be copied between disks [0188] (user provided test file, thank you! birt_j)
  • When exiting DirMaster, saving all modified disk images by clicking "Yes to all" fails silently [0183] (stephan-andres)
  • Exported .cvt files don't conform with .cvt format's magic string [0184] (wweicht)
  • Certain small GEOS files are not exportable or copy-able between disks [0187] (user provided test files, thank you! wweicht)

Thanks to all who made an effort to submit bug reports. If you sent a bug report and don't see it addressed here, don't worry, it's in the queue.

Other issues resolved in v3.1.4:

  • High CPU usage when BAM view is open [0198]
  • Editing a GEOS date stamp in File Properties has no effect [0192]
  • File Property modified indicator (bold text) isn't reset when selecting a new file [0195]
  • File Properties GEOS description field 'help text' is not updated when selecting a different file [0197]
  • Application crash when no file is selected and certain GEOS properties are changed in File Properties dialog [0194]
  • GEOS file properties date reports a day and month 1 step larger than actual GEOS [0191]
  • cvt files use the global fill byte setting to pad records, but shouldn't [0189]
  • GEOS description field in file properties dialog sometimes displays garbage [0190]


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