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DirMaster v3 DirMaster v3.1.3

Issues reported by users that were resolved in v3.1.3:

  • Windows XP compatibility restored in 3.1.3 [0182] (Luca/FIRE + others)
  • Extending a d64 from 35 to 40 tracks, track 35 is destroyed [0172] (stephan-andres)
  • cvt file copy would result in failure to validate the disk in GEOS [0178] (scott.hutter)

Thanks to all who made an effort to submit bug reports. If you sent a bug report and don't see it addressed here, don't worry, it's in the queue.

Other issues resolved in v3.1.3:

  • "Mark disk for GEOS" incorrectly writes the border sector [0181]
  • New d64 images are more accurately matching the 1541 formatted content (open1,8,15,"n0:" style) [0179]
  • BAM view could cause a crash when viewing truncated disk images, this should be less likely now [0168]
  • An error message would sometimes be shown when quitting DirMaster after launching a disk image in an emulator [0159]

Belated thanks to Bacchus/FLT who sent most of the issues that were addressed in 3.1.2.


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