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zip0 C*Base BBS v3.3 Programmer's Reference Guide

C*Base BBS v3.3 Programmer's Reference Guide - This documentation is mainly meant for those about to mess around with my code, but can also be interesting for those who are curious about the work I’ve done to C∗Base since v3.2, and it should give a brief understanding of how this program works. Most of the information provided here can also be applied to C∗Base v3.2 and prior, but some of the information is C∗Base v3.3 specific. Where there are differences compared to the older version, I have tried to state so in the manual. Exceptions are the JUMP-tables, where I don’t bother to document the old calls.

2020-03-07 English PDF 72.5 KB 555 Download
zip1 C*Base BBS v3.3.7

This archive contains the full release of C*Base BBS v3.3.7 - Included in the archive are three d64 floppies and  a d81 floppy along with the user's guide and programmer's reference guide in PDF format.

2017-09-12 English Commodore 64 2.5 MB 789 Download
zip2 C*Base BBS v3.3.8+

C*Base v3.3.8+ updated by Holy Moses and Released on July 1st, 2020.  Here's a quick overview of the improvements:

- Up to 38400 bps
- ":" in bbs-list allowed for host-#´s
- Colored, more cooler directories
- Turbomode 48MHz supported by enablebit
- Directories/userlist with autopause
- Visible autopause "on" or "off"

This version of C*Base will run out of the box on the Ultimate64 with SwiftLink emulation and firmware v1.34 (and newer I assume).  Note the support for 48Mhz turbo mode!

2020-06-30 English Commodore 64 142.25 KB 662 Download
zip3 C*Base v3.1 - Holy Moses Bugfix Pack Vol. 5

C*Base v3.1 - Holy Moses Bugfix Pack Vol. 5 is a 2020 update to C*Base v3.1 BBS.  Lots of features for the 1541 Ultimate II and Ultimate 64.  Full readme is included in the archive.

2020-11-15 English Commodore 64 82.93 KB 431 Download
zip4 C*Base v3.1 Holy Moses Mod Guide for Sysops

In 2017 Holy Moses decided to do it all again from scratch, meaning to use Cyborg modded C*BASE as Basis for his new Mod and to provide an alternative to the nowadays used TAO modded C*BASE V3.3.x. First BBS to use Holy Moses Mod again was The Hidden, being the only Major BBS and long time running System yet to use this Mod instead.

cbase v3.1 holy moses mod guide for sysops
2019-07-29 English PDF 4.33 MB 898 Download
zip5 C*Base v3.3 Project Guide

This is the Project Reference Guide to C∗Base; this guide contains all the information that the other two guides (the User’s Guide and the Programmer’s Reference Guide) does not cover. It includes complete version-lists (this document will be updated every time any of the file are updated), undocumented features, etc. It also contains the inofficial “To do list” and an errata list.

2020-03-07 English PDF 30.08 KB 537 Download
zip6 C*Base v3.3 User's Guide

This program is the result of several years of hard work and experience of the C∗Base BBS-program and more than three hundred hours of documentation.  Curious of the ins and outs of a BBS program, I obtained my first copy of C∗Base from Trasher of Active (thanks!)  This was a cracked version of the v3.0 release, without any modifications, apart from some stupid renaming of the files. My very first impression of this program, was that while was utterly slow, it seemed very thought through and suitable for “Scene”-BBSes (even though it was not intended for the scene, but rather for “normal” BBSes).

2020-03-06 English PDF 255.92 KB 644 Download
zip7 CBase BBS v3.01 Manual

Welcome to C BASE v3.01 This program is the culmination of many years of work and effort not only from the author but from all the people that have supported C BASE over the years. From modifying other BBS programs a long time ago, to 1.09 release many years ago, to 2.09 creation last year, and to 3.0's release in 1991, C BASE has always progressed at a steady and fastpace! And now this is a result of that work.

2020-02-12 English PDF 3.37 MB 713 Download
zip8 Cyborg+19 C*Base Text Prompt Editor

Cyborg+19 is a text-prompt editor for C*Base BBS released by Holy Moses of ROLE on 7-19-2019,  Improvements based on CBASE3MODDER by TRON/FLT

Website external 2019-07-20 English Commodore 64 87.72 KB 571 Download
zip9 TAO C*Base Text Prompt Editor

TAO C*Base Text Prompt Editor - Released in May 2020 by Holy Moses - check out the screenshots or just run the program to see whats new in this version.

2020-05-16 English Commodore 64 25.12 KB 491 Download
zip10 Villain Modded C*Base BBS

Villain Modded C*Base by Holy Moses - This is a heavily modded C*Base 3.3 BBS that is strictly for the Ultimate 64 and turbo mode.  The two disks in the archive make up a complete functioning BBS and are ready to go.

2021-04-10 English Commodore 64 168.65 KB 411 Download
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