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zip0 Ultimate 64 Elite Documentation HOT

What is it?! This board is a hardware implementation (FPGA) of the entire C64, and it includes the Ultimate-II+ as well. An ALL IN ONE solution!

ultimate- 64-elite-documentation
2020-02-29 English PDF 1.56 MB 1,354 Download
zip1 Ultimate 64 RGB Cable Layout

Picture detailing the RGB layout for an Ultimate 64.

2019-09-05 English Windows 69.35 KB 611 Download
zip2 Ultimate Documentation (Sept. 2022)

This is a PDF version of the documentation for the 1541 Ultimate II, 1541 Ultimate II+ and the Ultimate 64 dated September 2022.  This documentation covers Firmware 3.10 / Core 1.41.

2022-11-04 English PDF 10.12 MB 321 Download
zip3 Ultimate DOS Command Summary v1.2

Ultimate DOS Command Summary v1.2 - This is an in depth guide on the various commands available to the Ultimate DOS built into the Ultimate 1541-II, Ultimate-II+ and Ultimate 64.

2019-09-02 English PDF 786.11 KB 814 Download
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