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Category: C128 - CP/M Software
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zip0 CP/M Kit Companion Disk

This is a recreation of the CP/M Kit Companion Disk that came with the book "CP/M Kit for the Commodore 128". Included in this archive are two .d81 floppy disk images and the book in PDF format. One disk image contains a bootable CP/M 3.0 System Disk and the other is a .d81 floppy disk image of the CP/M Kit Companion Disk.  See the associated screenshots for listings of the contents on both disks.


30-10-22 English Commodore 128 3.4 MB 55 Download
zip1 CP/M Plus v3.1 - Y2K Patched [.D71]

This is an unofficial release of CP/M for the Commodore 128 on a .d71 disk image that I found over at the H2Obsession website.  This version is the last official release from Commodore with a Y2K patch.  Please visit the H2Obsession site for more information and possibly a newer version

30-10-22 English Commodore 128 238.99 KB 77 Download