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zip0 geoPublish v1.1

geoPublish v1.1 by Todd S. Elliot (2004) - I believe this is the newest version of geoPublish, and I don't know if this was ever officially released / published. It's possible that those in attendance of the LUCKY Commodore Expo 2004 were able to get a pre-release.  This version requires the Wheels upgrade to GEOS and a RAM expansion.  For more details on features and requirements, see the geoTELEGRAPH (2004-11) two page write-up by Bruce Thomas.

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zip1 Personal Publisher v1.3 [GEOS]

Personal Publisher gives you the capabilities to enter the world of desktop publishing now.  You can create newsletters, flyers, ads, awards, presentations, cards, announcements and more.

With Personal Publisher you can combine text, graphics and page layout so your documents will look like they were created by a professional graphic designer.

Inside this archive are two disk images.  One image is the original as archived by Allan Pinkerton, and needs to have all the files on the disk converted to GEOS format with Convert 2.5.  The other disk image has all the files already converted and ready to go.  

Here's a link to the manual.

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