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zip0 Commodore Mania BBS

Commodore Mania BBS by Robert Martin (1986) - Interesting thing about this BBS... up until today (4/2/2021) I've only seen mention of version 5.0 and 6.0 of this BBS from 1984, 85 respectively.  Those versions have Don Snider as the author according to the graphics intro screen.  Another thing is that this version requires the loading of the "clock" file to start-up the BBS, and no where can I find the procedure to load the intro screen other than to pull it up with DirMaster.  The graphic is held in the "hi" file.

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zip1 Commodore Mania BBS v5.0

Commodore Mania BBS v5.0 by Don Snider (1984) - I didn't spend to much time trying to get this going as it's not the latest version.  You'll need to move some files from the first disk onto the second, and run the "system create" to get it going.

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zip2 Commodore Mania BBS v6.0

Commodore Mania BBS v6.0 by Robert Martin (1986) - Interesting that version v5.0 was by Don Snider.  Anyway, v6.0 is a lot cleaner and the disk files are more organized.  This is a full working version with a system setup already created on disk 2. 

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zip3 Commodore Mania BBS v7.01

Commodore Mania BBS v7.01 - This is the latest and greatest version as of April 3rd, 20201.  Not really sure who this is by as the older 1986 graphic by Robert Martin is still on the disk.  This version has some great hardware improvements, such as support for wi-fi modems, SD2IEC and 2400 baud.  Although the BASIC source is included (Along with Blitz! to compile it) there is also a Github repository with the source in CBMPrgStudio format.

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