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zip0 Calendar v1.0 [GEOS]

Calendar v1.0 by E. Bloemen (Dated 8/18/1991) is a handy calendar program that even works in the current century as can be seen in the screenshot.  Additionally, you can print the current calendar month if desired.

2021-01-30 English Commodore 64 24.75 KB 578 Download
zip1 geoDiary v1.0

geoDiary v1.0 by Kent L. Smotherman for the GEOS operating system on the Commodore 64 - This is really quite a neat diary program.  First off, it has password protection and encryption.  Second, it has a simple but practical user interface, and last but not least, it  has a nice font.  Plus, you probably won't have to worry about anyone accidentally stumbling across you private thoughts if you keep them in here.

This program was found on issue 10 of "Disk O' Quarter" put out by the Commodore Users of Wichita.

2021-01-24 English Commodore 64 6.23 KB 511 Download
zip2 GEOS CardFile

CardFile by Joe Buckley is a very simple database for GEOS which was a part of the RUN GEOS PowerPak I.

2019-09-09 English Commodore 64 6.29 KB 885 Download
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