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d64 floppy0 Geo Term v6.0

GeoTerm v6.0 by Bill Coleman (1989) is a full featured GEOS terminal program.  For it's time, this was quite a nice program to have for getting on a BBS, but for a more capable GEOS terminal program that also supports the famous Commodore C/G mode, I suggest geoCBMTerm.

2015-03-24 English Commodore 64 29.75 KB 726 Download
zip1 geoCBMTerm v1.0

geoCBMTerm v1.0 by Bo Zimmerman - If you own a Commodore 64 Wifi modem running the best firmware available (also by Bo Zimmerman), and you want to check out the huge amount of C64 BBSes that are running in 2021, you need to check out this cool terminal program for GEOS!  This is one of the neatest applications I have seen for GEOS in a long time, ignoring the fact that I'm also a BBS junkie ;)

I've only included a single screenshot, because if you really want to learn more about the program or see additonal screenshots of what it's capable of, you should head over to the creators website.  He will also have the most up-to-date version available.

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zip2 geoFAX 4.0 v2

geoFAX 4.0 v2 - Although this program doesn't really have a modern day application, it would still be possible to setup and use if you happen to have one of the approved modems and a Turbo 232 serial cartridge.  The archive contains two .d64 images, one with the program, the other with a full manual.  Also included in the archive are the .CVT files for each part of the program if you wanted to see how I got it before I converted it to .D64's.

There is a nice review and some addition tips for using the program in Commodore World - Issue 10

2021-01-17 English Commodore 64 172.69 KB 492 Download
zip3 geoTelnet v1.3 HOT

geoTelnet v1.3 by Bo Zimmerman - a full featured TELNET client for 40-column GEOS, Wheels, etc. The client supports the important TELNET codes directly, allowing you to remotely log into systems that support it and issue commands. It supports a standard ASCII terminal, but also supports ANSI fully enough to use complex applications remotely, such as VI, LYNX, TOP, and others. The client has auto-echo and buffering features for users with a free Ram Expansion bank. All this in a simulated 80 column screen, with "close enough" color matching to make it usable.

2019-02-17 English Commodore 64 51.2 KB 910 Download
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