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zip0 1541 to 1571 Converter v1.3

1541-Format to 1571-Format Convert v1.3 by Shadowsoft (02/21/89) is a Commodore 128, 80 column mode program that will chage the format of a 1541 floppy to 1571 without destroying the data on the 1541 side.

2019-09-09 English Commodore 128 2.64 KB 826 Download
zip1 1571 MFM Toolkit v1

1571 MFM Toolkit v1 is a program to format disks to CP/M or MS-DOS in a 1571 floppy drive.

2019-09-23 English Commodore 128 2.65 KB 864 Download
d64 floppy2 1581 Utility 128 v1.0 HOT

By Joe Gilberto. Release October 20th, 1988. This utility appear to handle some basic housekeeping tasks for a 1581. It can create sub directories and read seq. files among other things. Help is built into the program.

1581 utility 128 v1.0
2015-03-20 English Commodore 128 16.37 KB 1,170 Download
zip3 8563 Explorer HOT

8563 Explorer by Jeff Lewis is a program for the Commodore 128 (40 or 80 column) to help you explore the 8563, 80 column video chip.

2019-09-10 English Commodore 128 4.59 KB 934 Download
zip4 Brainstorm128 HOT

A simple brainstorming tool for the C128.  Accepts words and parts-of-speech and scrambles them to form sentences in the hopes of forming sentences to start off a story.

GNU/GPL external 2019-07-15 English Commodore 128 9.01 KB 914 Download
zip5 C-128 Utilities HOT

C-128 Utilities by Harrington (09/85) modified for 80 columns by Mike Ward (10/24/85).  This handy little utility combines all the commond DOS functions you need into a single program for the Commodore 128.

2019-09-09 English Commodore 128 5.68 KB 1,026 Download
zip6 CJ Transfer 128 - Version R2B

CJ Transfer 128 is a Commodore 128 program that transfers the contents of a floppy disk to a .d64, .d71 or .d81 archive file on another computer that is connected to the C128 via a User Port RS-232 adapter and a null-modem cable. Transfer in the opposite direction is also supported. Only transfer of complete floppy disks and archive files is supported. Transfer of individual files within an archive or on a floppy disk is not supported.

2019-10-11 English Commodore 128 9.05 KB 741 Download
zip7 Clock 128

CLOCK128 is an interrupt driven routine that displays the time in the upper right hand corner of the 80 column screen.  Full source code is included. SYS4864 to start.

2019-09-25 English Commodore 128 5.76 KB 895 Download
d64 floppy8 Destiny Knight Editor HOT

Written by Paul Flynn and release Jan. 17th, 1988. This is a Bard's Tale II character editor. More info is built into the program. NOTE - This is a C128 BASIC program.

destiny knight maker
2015-04-06 English Commodore 128 8.26 KB 1,072 Download
zip9 Disk Goody 128 v5.0 HOT

By John Reading. Features: Adjust monitor color, erase a file, single/double format, notemaker printer, print seq. file, rename file, validate safely, boot a program.

disk goody 128 v5.0
2015-03-20 English Commodore 128 3.68 KB 1,024 Download
d64 floppy10 Disk Whiz 128 v1.1 HOT

Disk Whiz is an easy-to-use disk housekeeping system for the Commodore 128 that performs operations on a single file or group of files. Help is built-into the program.

disk whiz 128 v1.1
2015-03-22 English Commodore 128 8.53 KB 1,029 Download
zip11 Dons 128 Tutor

Dons 128 Tutor is a disk full utilties for the Commodore 128.

2019-09-07 English Commodore 128 70.12 KB 778 Download
zip12 Double Sider 128

Double Sider 128 by Eric Mason is a multi-function utility designed specifically for the Commodore 128 (40 Column mode) and the 1571 floppy drive.  With this handy utility, you can take advantage of the second side of a 1541 formatted floppy without having to flip the disk.  There is built-in help, and if you know what you're doing, you might be able to use portions of this BASIC program in your own.

2021-04-03 English Commodore 128 3.79 KB 541 Download
zip13 Format MFM 128 HOT

Format MFM 128 is a Commodore 128 (80 Column) program for creating MFM formated disks on a 1571 floppy drive.

2019-09-22 English Commodore 128 2.61 KB 914 Download
zip14 Mini-DOS 128

Mini-DOS 128 is a disk utility with several commands that emulates CP/M.  See screenshot #2 (help screen) to get more details.

2019-09-08 English Commodore 128 6.63 KB 806 Download
zip15 Mouse80 HOT

Mouse80 for the Commodore 128 is an alphanumeric mouse driver for 80 column mode.  Source code is included so you can add it to your own programs.

2017-10-20 English Commodore 128 3.7 KB 1,117 Download
d64 floppy16 MS-DOS 128 v1.28 HOT

This is one of those "gotta try" programs. It basically imitates a working copy of MS-DOS once loaded. You can use commands for disk operations that you would normally use in an MS-DOS environment. Help and docs are built into the program.

ms-dos 128 v1.28
2015-04-06 English Commodore 128 14.55 KB 1,525 Download
zip17 Omega Byte Utility Book

Omega Byte Utility Book by Don Kohl is a neat package of tools to assist in operating the Commodore 128.  

Note: Use DLOAD"*" - instead of Load"*",8,1

2019-09-18 English Commodore 128 21.7 KB 763 Download
zip18 RAMDOS 128 v4.3 (1994)

RAMDOS v4.3 (Dated August 3rd, 1994) is a utility for the Commodore 128 that lets a Commodore RAM expansion unit emulate a disk drive.  A 512k REU will give you 2014 blocks of storage at lightning speed.

2021-04-04 English Commodore 128 6.84 KB 667 Download
zip19 ROM Check 1571

ROM Check 1571 is a super simple program to identify the version of ROM in your floppy drive.

2019-09-18 English Commodore 128 1.26 KB 782 Download
d64 floppy20 Sparkle 128 HOT

Sparkle is one of those utilities that is hard to classify. Basically it started off as a loader for RAMDOS 128 v4.3 and a program to define the function keys. It turned into much more. The docs are on the disk, so I will let you peruse them to find out the details.

sparkle 128
2015-04-06 English Commodore 128 18.91 KB 991 Download
zip21 WsDos v7.1 HOT

WsDos v7.1 by Sid Davis, released early 2018.  Although the documentation describes this as a loader for C64 software using native C128 burst mode, it does so much more!  Below is a quote of the description and features from the docs:

WsDos is a program for the Commodore 128 PC. It provides a way to load and run C64-mode software using the C128's native burst mode protocol. This is done by loading a program while in 128-mode, then switching down to 64-mode where it is started.

 Installing itself into a seperate bank of memory, the program is protected from being overwritten while in 64 mode. It is also invisible to a suprising amount of C128 software as well. It even survives a CP/M session!

WsDOS v7.1-1
2018-03-05 English Commodore 128 559.59 KB 1,173 Download
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