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d64 floppy.jpg 1571 Clone Machine v2.0 HOT

1571 Clone Machine v2.0 - There are several .nib's and .d64's in this archive, but just a heads up;  none of them work 100%.  I have looked all over for a working version of this program but all I've come up with is partial working versions.

02-06-16 English Commodore 128 617.58 KB 511.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg 1571 Clone Machine v2.0b

1571 Clone Machine v2.0b - Just a single .nib in this archive.  Unfortunately it's not 100% working.

02-06-16 English Commodore 128 137.6 KB 464.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg 1571 Dual Disk Backup

Written by Jeffrey Sherman, 1571 Dual Disk Backup is just that for the Commodore 128.  Nice looking interface.

01-11-15 English Commodore 128 2.5 KB 267.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg 1571 Single Drive Backup

1571 Single Drive Backup is a Commodore 128 (80 Column only) full disk backup utility by Georg Schwarz (1988) for those of us with only one floppy drive.

02-05-15 English Commodore 128 1.13 KB 456.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg 30 Second Copy 128

30 Second Copy by Reiner Koukal Jun. is a single drive copier for the Commodore 128 and 1571 floppy drive.

29-04-15 German Commodore 128 4.08 KB 491.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Burstcopy 1571

Burstcopy 1571 is an 80-column Commodore 128 GCR disk copier.  You can copy normal Commodore DOS or CP/M disks.  Single sided disks take 2 swaps and double sided 4 swaps.

01-11-15 English Commodore 128 2.89 KB 479.00 Download
zip.png Copy II 64/128 v3.1

Copy II 64/128 v3.1 by Central Point Software (1985) is a bit copy disk nibbler for the Commodore 128 (and 64) that will copy disks with some forms of copy protection.

19-12-20 English Commodore 128 53.43 KB 64.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Double Touch 128

Double Touch copier by Reiner Koukal Jun. is a two drive copier for the 1570/1571.  Although it's in German, its very easier to figure out.

29-04-15 German Commodore 128 3.61 KB 305.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Fast Hack'em 128 v6.00

By Mike J. Henry (c)1985,1988. If you don't know about this program then you probably weren't alive in the 80's.

13-03-15 Commodore 128 27.69 KB 419.00 Download
zip.png Fast Hack'em v4.5a

Fast Hack'em v4.5a for the Commodore 128 by the infamous Mike Henry & the Basement Boys.  Didn't know there was a version 4.5a for the 128, thought v6.00 was the first version.  Always fun to find these little treasures.

07-06-20 English Commodore 128 44.23 KB 117.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Matrix 128

Matrix for the Commodore 128 is a collection of copiers and auto boot makers.

12-02-16 English Commodore 128 40.9 KB 367.00 Download
zip.png The 128 Cannon v1.5

The 128 Cannon by Kracker Jax is a suite of copying utilities for the Commodore 128.

30-11-20 English Commodore 128 57.57 KB 56.00 Download