Category: Directory Editors [C128]
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d64 floppy0 1581 Manipulator v2 128 HOT

This Commodore 128 directory editor for the 1581 is very capable. Among the options are alphabetizing a disk, inserting comments, exchanging directory entries, inserting blank entries and even operating on sub-directories. Built-in help is more than adequate. Also on this disk is a C64 version.

1581 manipulator v2
2015-03-10 English Commodore 128 16.96 KB 923 Download
zip1 Dedit 128 v7.0 HOT

Dedit 128 v7.0 by Jerome P. Yoner is a sorting utility for disk directories.  There is support for both automatic and manual sorting and up to 1000 entries.  Full docs are included in the archive.

Dedit 128 v7.0
2017-10-13 English Commodore 128 19.48 KB 927 Download
d64 floppy2 Dir Squeezer 128

Dir Squeezer 128 for the Commodore 128 Removes unused directory entries from an 1571 disk drive.

dir squeezer 128
2016-06-17 English Commodore 128 5.7 KB 797 Download
zip3 Directory Editor v18.0

Directory Editor v18.0 by Eric Edward is a Commodore 128 (80 Columns) program for editing the directory of a floppy disk.

2019-09-22 English Commodore 128 6.61 KB 706 Download
d64 floppy4 Directory Manipulator 128 v8.0

Very handy utility for manipulating a directory. Help is built into the program thankfully because there are quite a few options. One of my favorite is the 'trace file links' option.

directory manipulator 128 v8.0
2015-03-10 English Commodore 128 7.09 KB 834 Download
d64 floppy5 Directory Manipulator 128 v9.01

Very powerful directory tool for the Commodore 128 with a simple interface. There is a built-in help ('h' key).

directory manipulator 128 v9.0
2015-03-10 English Commodore 128 13.36 KB 724 Download
d64 floppy6 Disk Whiz 128 v1.0

Nice 80 column directory utility for the C128. Supports sub-directories.

disk whiz v1.0
2015-03-10 English Commodore 128 8.52 KB 714 Download
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