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zip0 Knight Lore 128 v1.10 HOT

In Knight Lore, the player character Sabreman has forty days to collect objects throughout a castle and brew a cure to his werewolf curse. Each castle room is depicted in monochrome on its own screen and consists of blocks to climb, obstacles to avoid, and puzzles to solve.

2019-10-05 English Commodore 128 79.11 KB 1,225 Download
zip1 Knight's Quest

Knight's Quest by Jon Mattson is an adeventure / role-playing game for the Commodore 128 (80 column mode) published in Loadstar 128 back in 1991.  There is a really nice review of this game with lots of screen shots over at the "My 64" website.  Here's a link to the review.

2021-12-05 English Commodore 128 63.73 KB 543 Download
zip2 Nightmare Theatre 128 HOT

Nightmare Theatre for the Commodore 128 (40 Column) is a text adventure game.  This version came from a Parsec, Inc. floppy.

2019-09-20 English Commodore 128 10.14 KB 938 Download
zip3 Norad 128 HOT

The scenario... You somehow obtain NORAD's classified number and a valid password. You enter the system under the pretense of LTC Robert S. Lewis but are granted limited access because your call is not traced back to your registered point of origin (SEE BELOW).
You later fail to follow security clearance procedure alerting NORAD to a breech in security. DEFCON 4 is ordered as an internal security measure but is misinterpreted by the Soviets who also follow suit. It's downhill from there on out. Witness the events that lead up to the final confrontation...WWIII!

2019-09-21 English Commodore 128 13.35 KB 1,064 Download
zip4 The Rocky Horror Show 128 HOT

The Rocky Horror Show is a video game, based on the musical of the same name, it was developed and published by CRL Group. The game received generally positive reviews from video game critics.

2019-09-18 English Commodore 128 64.1 KB 1,323 Download
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