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d64 floppy0 Dir Print 128 v4.1 HOT

Based on DIRLIST, modified by Dale Ray on January 27th, 1988. 40 Column only C128 program. This program will print your disk directory in a small enough format to be glued to your disk sleeve. DOCS INCLUDED.

dir print 128 v4.1
2015-04-02 English Commodore 128 6.06 KB 919 Download
zip1 Micro Dir Dump

Micro Dir Dump by Ron Gooden (1995) is amodified version of Print-Tiny-Directory by Steve Cates (1983).  This program will print out the directory contents of a disk on the Commodore 64 & 128 (works in both 40 & 80 column mode).  

2021-01-22 English Commodore 128 2.75 KB 535 Download
zip2 Quarktory

Quarktory by Dan James - QUARKTORY will print a two-column directory to the printer, the screen, or to both.  QUARKTORY is an advanced directory lister in that it not only prints the filename, filetype and file length of each file, but also the track and sector of the beginning of the file on the disk and the locations in hex of the first and last bytes of the file when it is loaded into the computer's memory. Having this information at hand at all times can be very useful in investigation and understanding your programs.

QUARKTORY can be used with the C64 or with the C128 in 40 or 80 column modes. The drive can be a 1541 or a 1571 using single / double-sided disks.

2023-07-26 English Commodore 128 7.34 KB 173 Download
zip3 Tiny Directory Print 128

Tiny Directory Print 128 is a small utility for printing out a 3-Column listing of the disk contents of a 1541 / 1571 or 1581 on a Commodore 128 (80 Column mode only).

2021-01-22 English Commodore 128 4.47 KB 561 Download
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