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zip0 ARB BBS Sysop Manual IV

Before you start operating your BBS, read this manual. Familiarize yourself with the functions on the Sysop Menu, and understand how the files are set up. If you experience any error messages refer to the Trouble Shooting Section for help. For the most part this Bulletin Board System is easy to run. However, there are some areas that will be better clarified by reading the manual. Before you call the 24-hour hotline numbers check the manual to see if the answer to a particular problem can be found there.

2021-11-27 English PDF 4.96 MB 334 Download
zip1 ARB BBS V.595.0

ARB BBS v.595.0 by Arthur Brock (1987) - Not the newest version of ARB BBS, but it looks to be a complete release.

2020-11-15 English Commodore 64 155.76 KB 409 Download
zip2 ARB BBS v7.60

ARB BBS v7.60 by Arthur Brock (1988) - I've never run ARB before, but I know at least one of our visitors is a huge fan of this BBS software for the Commodore 64.  ARB supports the 1764 RAM expander and the 1581 floppy drive, so it must have been one of the most up-to-date BBSes for it's time.

From what I understand, there is a bit newer version 7.62 which I'd like to locate if anyone can help out.

2023-07-17 English Commodore 64 87.86 KB 81 Download
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