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d64 floppy0 GEOS 128 v2.0 (1581 Floppy) HOT

GEOS 128 is a graphical operating system for the Commodore 128 (see Google / Wikipedia for more info).  This clean version is on a 1581 (.d81) floppy image and is ready to use.

2015-10-13 English Commodore 128 328.7 KB 6,033 Download
zip1 GEOS 2.0 - with geoRAM Support HOT

Found this GEOS 2.0 boot disk with geoRAM drivers installed.   As a bonus, there is also the Maverick File Copier program on the disk along with a driver to use a joystick in port 2 instead of the standard port 1.

2019-07-29 English Commodore 64 77.43 KB 2,272 Download
zip2 GEOS 2.0r Updated HOT

GEOS 64 2.0r Updated by Paul Murdaugh (Released February 25, 2021) - This is GEOS 64 with support for geoRAM.  This particular update adds support for geoRAM & geoRAM clones with 4MB.  Both configure (2.1+) and Rboot have been updated to support the larger RAM sizes along with 1581 RAMdisk support. 

2021-02-28 English Commodore 64 296.43 KB 1,753 Download
zip3 GEOS 64 Unkeyed Collection HOT

GEOS 64 Unkeyed Collection - A very generous person over at the Facebook GEOS group, took a considerable amount of time to put together this wonderful collection of unkeyed GEOS applications, including the GEOS operating system for the Commodore 64.  There is an amazing amount of software, documentation and other related resources in this archive, and if you're at all interested in the idea of running a graphical OS on the humble Commodore 64, do yourself a favor and grab this!

Much of the software and resources in this archive we gathered from the best GEOS resource on the internet - LyonLabs.  If you want to dig deeper into what is possible with GEOS, or just want to find a plethora of GEOS information, head over there!  

If you own a Commodore 128, you might also be interested in the Commodore GEOS 128 Unkeyed Collection.

2021-01-16 English Commodore 64 192.88 MB 2,889 Download
d64 floppy4 GEOS 64 v2.0 (1581 Floppy Image) HOT

GEOS is a graphical operating system for the Commodore 64.  Google and Wiki can give you much more information.  This archive contains a 1581 (.d81) image of the OS and is 100% clean and ready to use.

geos 64-1581-1
2015-10-13 English Commodore 64 311.99 KB 9,203 Download
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