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zip0 C64 Kernal ROMs Pack HOT

This is a collection of various Commodore 64 ROMS such as DolphinDOS, SpeedDOS Plus, Master ROM v3, DeadTest ROM, Memostar, TurboTrans SD2IEC22, etc...  See screenshot #2 for a list of the ROMs in the pack.

Check out PCBWay for a nice Kernal ROM adapter.

Website external 2020-05-14 English Commodore 64 89.14 KB 5,350 Download
zip1 C64 Kernal+FN Keys [ROM] HOT

This Commodore 64 Kernal is a variation that supports disk functions mapped to the function keys, leaving all the tape and rs-232 functions in place.

2020-05-30 English Commodore 64 8.96 KB 1,074 Download
zip2 Dolphin DOS 3 ROM [1571]

A fellow Commodore user over on the Facebook Commodore 8-Bit Repair and Upgrades channel noticed that this version of the Dolphin DOS 3 ROM wasn't available anywhere on the net and kindly dumped an image.  If you are looking for a project and want to build a Dolphin DOS setup, check out this website to get started.

2023-12-30 English Commodore 64 20.66 KB 148 Download
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