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zip0 Ivory BBS v2.0

Ivory BBS v2.0 (1987) by Bill Jackson - Back in the day when I was calling BBSes with my Commodore 64, I always liked Ivory because of the cursor controlled menus.  I don't know if this version had that feature because I only rested out the setup far enough to get screenshots. 

2023-05-17 English Commodore 64 95.7 KB 118 Download
zip1 Ivory BBS v3.2

Ivory BBS v3.2 for the Commodore 64 by Bill Jackson (1989) - There are much newer versions of this BBS, but I love collecting everything C64 related, and it's sometimes fun to see the variations between versions.

2024-02-17 English Commodore 64 76.72 KB 64 Download
zip2 Ivory BBS v3.3

Supposedly this is the last official version of Ivory BBS.  There is a version 3.5 available, but it might have just been an upgrade / supplement to the v3.3 version.

2020-03-01 English PDF 86.69 KB 441 Download
zip3 Ivory BBS v3.5

Most likely the last / most recent version of Ivory BBS to ever make it into the public.

2020-03-01 English PDF 213.83 KB 452 Download
zip4 Ivory BBS v6.0

This isn't actually an official release of Ivory BBS.  This is a heavily modified Ivory 3.0/3.3 released on August 6th, 1990.

2020-03-02 English Commodore 64 67.42 KB 503 Download
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