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Category: VIC-20 Programming Books
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zip0 Learn Computer Programming with The Commodore VIC

The Commodore Colour VIC computer has many facilities which you can use for a variety of applications in the home, at school, in offices and laboratories, wherever you have a mains point and a television set.

As soon as you switch on your VIC, you will have access to the BASIC programming language; BASIC stands for Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. You will be able to write useful programs in BASIC very quickly by working through this book. No knowledge of computers or programming is assumed and the many exercises and problems (with answers in the appendices) will help you to progress at your own speed.

01-01-23 English PDF 14.17 MB 109 Download
zip1 VIC-20 Programmer's Reference Guide
The Friendly Computer deserves a Friendly Reference Book, that's why we wrote the VIC 20 PROGRAMMER'S REFERENCE GUIDE ... a book that gives you more information about your VIC 20 Personal Computer than any other source. This guide was compiled from the experience of Commodore's international programming staffs in more than half a dozen countries, and is designed to be used by first-time computerists as well as experienced programmers. vic-20-programmers-reference-guide
05-10-19 English PDF 41.47 MB 300 Download
zip2 Waterloo BASIC Manual [VIC20]

Introduction to programming using the Waterloo BASIC system as implemented on Commodore microcomputers. Simple examples are used to illustrate the basic principles. The
programming novice will be presented with an overview of the terminology; the experienced programmer will see examples of how familiar concepts are implemented in Waterloo BASIC.

13-08-21 English PDF 43.4 MB 423 Download
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