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zip.png TapeCart .TCRT File Format Reference

TapeCart .TCRT File Format Reference (a thumb drive for the Commodore 64)

17-09-19 English PDF 39.89 KB 84.00 Download
zip.png TapeCart Browser 1.4

TapeCart Browser 1.4 - This is a PHP based tool that allows you to assemble a .TCRT image that can then be burned to a TapeCart using the TapeCart Flash Tool . (Requires something like XAMPP for Windows)

17-09-19 English Windows 13.49 KB 104.00 Download
zip.png TapeCart Flash Tool v1.1

TapeCart Flash Tool v1.1 by Ingo Korb

- TCRT support and a few usability improvements

17-09-19 English Commodore 64 9.87 KB 59.00 Download
zip.png TapeCart Flash Tool v1.2

TapeCart Flash Tool v1.2 by Ingo Korb

- Support for reading data from REU instead of drive (contributed by "markusC64"), a basic drive submenu (change device number, send command), no more 16 character file name limit, bugfix to the hexdump function and a tapecart detection timeout on startup

17-09-19 English Commodore 64 10.95 KB 78.00 Download
zip.png TapeCart Programmer's Reference

TapeCart Programmer's Reference  (a thumb drive for the Commodore 64)

*GitHub repository link

17-09-19 English PDF 95.44 KB 69.00 Download