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d64 floppy.jpg BASIC Auto-Booter

Written by Mike Conforti. Auto-Booter will convert a BASIC program into an auto boot program meaning you won't have to type "run" after the program is done loading.

12-04-15 English Commodore 64 2.27 KB 438.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg BASIC Squasher

BASIC Squasher can be used to compress the code listing of your BASIC program down to minimal space.

12-05-15 English Commodore 64 1.85 KB 428.00 Download
zip.png Check Please!

Check Please! v1.0 by Ratastic - Released January 21st, 1994 - This is a small utility that will help proofread your BASIC programs as you type them in.  These were very common with magazines that published type in programs.  Basically you'd type in your line of code and after hitting enter, you get a checksum number back that would match the one printed in the magazine.

03-04-21 English Commodore 64 1.6 KB 100.00 Download
zip.png Display Address

Display "Load" Address by Brian Hinz is a small little utility that will read a file from disk and display in both decimal and hex where it loads into memory.

18-04-21 English Commodore 64 2.18 KB 153.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Easy Systems IV

Written in 1987 by Christian Link. Easy Systems IV is a decimal / Binary / Hex converter. You can convert in any way all three types of numbering systems.

12-04-15 English Commodore 64 4.21 KB 380.00 Download
zip.png Flow/64 v2.1

Flow/64 v2.1 by W.B. Taylor is a tool that will create a graphical flow chart of a BASIC program that you can print to screen or printer.  Very neat program!  There is a sample BASIC program on the disk you can test it out with.

09-06-20 English Commodore 64 12.25 KB 190.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg LADS Source Code Generator v3.0

"LADS Source Code Generator" (LSCG) is a BASIC program which will read machine language code and/or data from memory and create a LADS source code file from it. This program allows you to use other programmers' ML routines in your own ML programs, and to more easily modify, relocate, and study the routines.

12-04-15 English Commodore 64 12.3 KB 424.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Line Cross Reference Utility

This is a handy programming tool for BASIC. You load this into memory, then load you BASIC program and type SYS 49515 or SYS 49518 to send to printer or screen respectively.

12-04-15 English Commodore 64 2.32 KB 410.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Loader 64

This program reads a sequential file containing the text of a BASIC program and turns it into an executable BASIC program you can list, run or save to disk.

17-04-15 English Commodore 64 2.48 KB 446.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Merger

Merger uses an old dynamic keyboard trick to 'merge' a text file into your program. Merger opens the text file, reads in a line of BASIC code, prints the line of code to the screen, positions the cursor on that line, and then executes a carriage return to enter the line of code into the program.

12-04-15 English Commodore 64 3.03 KB 423.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg PGM-64

Written by David P. Darus, Ken French and Louis R. Wallace. Program Graphics Management 64 Is a library of very fast machine-language subroutines that you use like BASIC commands. This system allows you to use the high-resolution graphics and animation of the Commodore 64 without BASIC's speed limitations, and also have the use of the RAM hidden under the operating system. Docs, API info and demos are on the disk.

12-04-15 English Commodore 64 45.97 KB 480.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Program Comparer

 A. Millett - This program will compare two programs from disk and show the differences. No limit to the program size.

12-04-15 English Commodore 64 6.73 KB 386.00 Download
zip.png Sprite Number Demo v4
Sprite Number Demo v4 by James A. Lisowski is an extremely well documented BASIC demo that takes three random digits from a string and converts them to sprites, then scrolls them horizontally across the screen. Great sample code for use in your own programs.
25-12-20 English Commodore 64 2.58 KB 147.00 Download
zip.png Sprite Page Demo v3.1
Sprite Page Demo v3.1 by James A. Lisowski is a truly cool BASIC demo of converting standard text into sprites, but it's so much more than that. Being able to move chunks of text data around the screen at will can be very handy, and the data can be changed on the fly! The code is well documented, and there is also an extensive doc file included.
25-12-20 English Commodore 64 10.54 KB 160.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Text to Basic

Adapted from Original by Joel Rubin, modified by Tony Romer - Text to BASIC will convert a sequential file document into a program file. Works with both tape and disk.

12-04-15 English Commodore 64 6.7 KB 449.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg The Trash Compactor

Written by Matthew Desmond. Trash Compactor is a program that will read a BASIC v2.0 program from disk, take out all REMS and all unnecessary spaces renumber the program, and write a new version back to disk. This has the advantage that the program does not have to be in memory at the same time, so that really long programs can be 'compacted'.

12-04-15 English Commodore 64 5.83 KB 414.00 Download