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zip0 Yape 1.1.7

It's been quite a while but a much needed update of YAPE is finally ready. 2019's first release delivers some fixes, most notably:

  • updated to new compiler versions (MSVC++ 2019 and MinGW-64 8.1)
  • more DPI-aware on Win8/Win10
  • digitized palette table lookup fix
  • TED delayed DMA regression fixed
  • fixed TED noise regression bug introduced by optimizations in version 1.1.3
  • weird bug with autostart code ironed out
  • maximize window positioning fixed for all resolutions
2020-11-19 English Windows 894.76 KB 412 Download
zip1 Yape v1.0.2
2016-01-23 English Windows 766.54 KB 632 Download
zip2 Yape v1.0.2 x64
2016-01-23 English Windows 387.29 KB 630 Download
d64 floppy3 YAPE v1.0.8

YAPE  -  Yet Another Plus/4 Emulator v1.0.8 by Attila Gr√≥sz

CHANGES IN 1.0.8 FROM 1.0.7


released on Dec 25, 2015

- [FIX] GUI fix

- [FIX] SID fixes

- [FIX] drive RPM fix

- [FIX] autostart randomization fix

yape v1.0.8-1
2016-01-11 English Windows 792.07 KB 636 Download
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