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Category: C128 Programming Books
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zip0 128 Machine Language for Beginners

This book is designed to teach machine language on the Commodore 128 to those who have a working knowledge of BASIC.  For example, Chapter 9 is a dictionary of BASIC commands. Following each BASIC command is a machine language routine which accomplishes the same task. In this way, if you know what you want to do in BASIC, you can find outhow to do it in machine language.

03-04-21 English PDF 33.84 MB 279 Download
zip1 Abacus BASIC 128

BASIC 128 is an optimizing BASIC compiler for the Commodore BASIC 128 that makes your programs faster and more efficient.  BASIC128 has all of the options of the well-known BASIC 64 compiler and contains additional important new features, such as complete compatibility with BASIC 7.0 and an improved code generator.

10-09-19 English PDF 6.86 MB 170 Download
zip2 Advanced Commodore 128 Graphics and Sound Programming

Advanced Commodore 128 Graphics and Sound Programming

10-10-19 English Commodore 128 27.04 MB 173 Download
zip3 Commodore 128 Programmer's Reference Guide

The Commodore 128 Personal Computer is a versatile, multimode computer. The Commodore 128 is the successor to the commercially successful Commodore 64 computer. The principal features of the Commodore 128 are:
• 128K bytes of RAM, optionally expandable to 256K or 640K
• 80-column horizontal screen display
• Hardware and software compatibility with Commodore 64
• CP/M 3.0 operation
• Enhanced BASIC language
As this Guide shows, the Commodore 128 has many other

29-10-21 English PDF 23.46 MB 222 Download
zip4 Mapping the Commodore 128

The random access memory (RAM), read-only memory (ROM), and interface hardware chips in your Commodore 128 are like postal stations with hundreds of thousands of mailboxes, each of which can hold a single character, or byte of information. This book is a map of all of those memory locations, but it's more than just a list of addresses. It's also a thorough discussion of how the locations are used by the computer, and, more importantly, how you can take advantage of this information to write

11-10-19 English PDF 10.58 MB 158 Download
zip5 Mastering Disk Operation on the Commodore 128

The purpose of this book to teach you to master the disk operating system for your Commodore 128 computer - CP/M Plus. You do not need any prior knowledge of computer operation.  However, if you already know something about CP/M, you can use this book to learn more.

08-10-19 English PDF 7.65 MB 129 Download
zip6 The Commodore 128 Subroutine Library

The Commodore 128 Subroutine Library is intended as a companion to the Commodore 128 System Guide provided with your computer, and more advanced texts like Commodore 128 Programmer's Reference Guide.  Many of the concepts you learn in those manuals are applied here in simply constructed subroutines, with only one or two statements per line for easy comprehension. Grouped by function, carefully annotated, and arranged to be readily dropped into your own BASIC software, these subroutines

09-10-19 English PDF 16.65 MB 148 Download