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d64 floppy0 D64 Lister v1.7.2 HOT

The D64Lister has the following abilities and properties:

  • Windows based (Win9x, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP, WinVista, Windows7)
  • Multifile support
  • Extended Recursive OpenDialog with Directory selection
  • D64 Images as parameter
  • Images can be drag&dropped
  • 40 Tracks Support (SpeedDOS, DolphinDOS, PrologicDOS)
  • 99% PETSCII -> ASCII conversion
  • 99% Original C64/1541 behaviour
  • ASCII Textfile generation
  • RichTextFormat file generation
  • Appending of new Textfiles to existing ones
  • Upper/Lower -> Upper/Graphics Char switching
  • Emulated C64Screen
  • C64Screen is zoom - and scrollable
  • Comfortable OptionsDialog with *.ini File
  • GEOS File support
  • Auto Upper/Lower Char switching for GEOS Files
  • GEOS File Details
  • GeoWrite Textviewer with styles, fontsizes, formats and photoscraps
  • GEOS Font Shower
  • GeoPaint Viewer
  • PhotoScrap Viewer
  • PhotoAlbum Viewer
  • GeoPaint pictures and PhotoScraps are saveable
  • Fonts zoom - and saveable (as bitmap)
  • Zoomable display of GEOS icons
  • Export function for supported GEOS Filetypes
  • Show BAM (with diskerrors like StarCommander)
  • Show BAM entry -> filename, filename -> BAM entries
  • BlockViewer in hex or char
  • FileViewer with BASIC Command Detokenize, C64 program export and Hex View

All changes in the options dialog and the last loading path will be saved in a *.ini file. 

d64lister v1.7.2 1
2015-04-28 English Windows 499.38 KB 935 Download
zip1 D64 Lister v1.7.3

D64Lister v1.7.3 by Lars, released on 10/10/2017 - This is a neat Windows utility for creating ASCII lists of disk contents from .D64 format.  Another neat feature and the reason I stumbled across it, is that it can export geoWrite files as .RTF or .TXT.  On top of that, there is a whole heap of other cool options and features.  Check out the included text file for more details.

A really great source of information about D64Lister can be found at the C64-Wiki.

2020-06-10 English Windows 514.01 KB 633 Download
d64 floppy2 d64-lister-v1.7.1

Older version of D64 Lister - See v1.7.2 for the newest features and fixes.

d64lister v1.7.1 1
2015-04-28 English Windows 439.26 KB 600 Download
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