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zip.png C64S v0.9a

C64S v0.9a by Miha Peternel (1993) - Was really happy to stumble on this early version of the Commodore 64 emulator because it is the only version I've found that works on a 286 processor (in demo mode).  There is also a build for 386+ processors in the archive.  Full DOCS are included.

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zip.png C64S v0.9b

C64S v0.9b by Miha Peternel - Although this is a newer build than v0.9a it seems to be a bit more broke and doesn't work as well in DOSBox 0.74-2.  Grab the v0.9a build instead, I just like to keep old builds around for histories sake.

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d64 floppy.jpg C64S v2.0a

C64S by Miha Peternel is a software emulator of the good old fat C64.  It will allow you to run most of the original C64 software on your PC assuming said PC is running a real version of DOS.  I was unable to get this running in DOSBox v 0.74 but didn't try it on a real DOS machine yet.

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d64 floppy.jpg C64S v2.52d

C64S v2.52D DEMO

The latest version of C64 Software Emulator. Requirements: 386, VGA, DOS 3.0, 500K free. Supports PC joysticks, GUS, SB, PAS, VESA.

(Aug 97)

30-11-16 English DOS 402.32 KB 312.00 Download