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d64 floppy0 C64 .Tap Utilities v0.3b

This archive contains two utilities that let you work with  C64 .Tap files like the emulator CCS64 uses.  One of the utilities lets you create the .Tap files with the help of your sound card from .VOC files and the other will do conversion from .TAP to .VOC.  Docs are inside the archive.

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d64 floppy1 C64 Tape Decode v0.1 HOT

This is a set of programs to manipulate Commodore 64 Datasette tape files. These tools can convert a WAV file to a TAP file and vice versa, or extract PRG/SEQ files from a TAP file. Additional tools are planned to convert PRG/SEQ files to a TAP file.

c64 tape decode v0.1
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zip2 C64 Tape Manipulation Tools [DOS]
This set of DOS tools written in C++ includes programs for creating empty .t64 files, moving binaries into .t64 files, moving programs out of .t64 files and sorting multi-file .t64 images.
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d64 floppy3 Tape64 v1.20

Although the screen shot makes this look like a DOS program, it will only run in a Windows CMD/DOS window.  Here is a description of the program straight from the readme file included in the archive:

This small tool belongs to the group of utilities supporting the emulation of the good old C64. To be more precise, it helps you to reuse your old tapes recorded with the C2N (Datasette) of  Commodore and full of programs for the C64. All you have to do is to record the C64-tape with your soundcard and your favourite sampling-software (for example the sound-recorder of Windows 9x).

tape64 v1.20
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zip4 TapEx v1.6
TapEx is a tool for analyzing, verifying and cleaning Commodore 64 tape images. Currently it loads TAP V0, TAP V1 and DC2N RAW files (16 bit, 24 bit and 32 bit), and saves TAP V1 only. TapEx is a wordplay on Tipp-Ex, an ink removal product. tapex-v1.6-1
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