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zip0 1541 Test Suite & Framework v0.33 HOT

1541 Test Suite by Wolfram Sang, released in 2008.  This is a 3 disk collection of extensive testing for the Commodore 1541 and compatible floppy drives.  Documentation and explanation of the tests is included in the archive.  The official source for this program is here.

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d64 floppy1 64 Doctor HOT

64 Doctor is a complete system tester for the Commodore 64. Devices tested include: RAM, keyboard, video, audio, joysticks, disk drive, printer and cassette.

64 doctor
2015-04-03 English Commodore 64 13.52 KB 4,923 Download
d64 floppy2 64 Tester HOT

By Compucats. This fully BASIC program can test the following: sprites, joysticks, paddles, user RAM, SID amd the BASIC ROM.

c64 tester
2015-04-03 English Commodore 64 5.04 KB 2,723 Download
zip3 CIA Diagnostic HOT

Simple diagnostic tool to report the status of the CIA chips inside the Commodore 64.  You don't want anything hooked to the joystick or user port when running this diagnostic.  Works for both PAL and NTSC machines.

2020-07-02 English Commodore 64 2.64 KB 1,770 Download
d64 floppy4 Commodore 17xx REU Tester HOT

This program will test the RAM in a Commodore 1750 / 1764 RAM Expansion Unit.

2016-12-24 English Commodore 64 2.24 KB 1,578 Download
zip5 Commodore 64 SID Tester HOT

SID Tester for the Commodore 64 by Andrew Challis is a nice BASIC program for testing all of the SID chips voices.  You can find some more info and a link to a video about the program at his site.

2019-08-15 English Commodore 64 2.75 KB 3,265 Download
zip6 Game Controller Tester v1.0 HOT

Game Controller Tester lets you check not only the buttons and positions of a joystick, you can also check the positions of a paddle.  As a bonus you get to listen to some SID music the whole time you're testing.

2019-07-20 English Commodore 64 4.71 KB 1,383 Download
zip7 GMT64 v0.41 HOT

GMT (GGLABS Memory Test) for the Commodore 64 and geoRAM is a newly developed memory test for vintage computers optimized for speed and coverage. The code is based on the test algorithms described in "Testing Semiconductor Memories: Theory and Practice" by A.J. van de Goor.

2019-08-01 English Commodore 64 8.43 KB 962 Download
zip8 GMT64 v0.44 HOT

GMT (GGLABS Memory Test) for the Commodore 64 and geoRAM is a newly developed memory test for vintage computers optimized for speed and coverage. The code is based on the test algorithms described in "Testing Semiconductor Memories: Theory and Practice" by A.J. van de Goor.

Note: There is now a .crt and .bin also included in the archive.  See the link above for further info.

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zip9 Joyride 1.2

This program monitors the controllers connected to your C64 and displays relevant information depending on their types. You can use the function keys to select the correct type or to display raw data. Adapters that support more than two controllers don't fit in the main screen. `F7` switches to a layout that supports four controllers per page. For digital inputs, the button or direction is inverted when pressed. Analog inputs are displayed as numbers and by positioning a cursor.

Version 1.2 (2020-11-15)

  • Add support for SuperPad64 and Ninja SNES Pad.
  • Fix graphics glitches on SuperCPU.
2020-11-16 English Commodore 64 13.7 KB 789 Download
d64 floppy10 Joystick Check HOT

This super simple ML utility lets you check your joystick ports and joysticks.

joystick check
2015-04-06 English Commodore 64 1.16 KB 1,319 Download
zip11 MemTest 64/128 v1.10 HOT

MemTest 64/128 v1.10 by Robert Olessak (released on 02/20/2020) is a memory testing program for the Commodore 64 and 128 that tests not only main memory and vdc video memory (C128), but can also test external memory expansions including the Commodore REU, GeoRAM, SuperRAM and  so on...  The latest version of the program can be obtained from

Inluded in the archive is full documentation and source code.  Here is a link about MemTest over at the Lemon64 forum.

2020-10-28 English Commodore 64 331.82 KB 1,302 Download
zip12 Mouse Test 2 HOT

Mouse Test 2 by Marco Baye - Released in June 16, 2016.  This is really a neat diagnostic utility that can aid you in figuring out what type of mouse you have connected to your Commodore 64.  When you plug in a mouse it recognizes, the program will move the appropriate sprite on the screen letting you know what you have.  Included in the archive is the full assembler (ACME) source code.

2017-04-18 English Commodore 64 11.98 KB 1,636 Download
zip13 SIDalyzer v1.0 HOT

SIDalyzer v1.0 by Sven Peterson - Found this nice SID diagnostic tool on the Facebook Commodore 64/128 channel.  Here are some words from the author:

This is the program I wrote last week. It is for setting every register and bit in the SID to test if it is completely working. I have noticed, that some SIDs are partially broken and the C64 Diagnostic SID test sequence didn't really show it. It is also good, if you want to learn about the registers of the SID and try things out. In case, somebody is interested....

2019-02-09 English Commodore 64 19.45 KB 1,595 Download
zip14 SMPTE v0.1 HOT

SMPTE v0.1 by Rob Lindman.  Here is the program description in his words:

i wrote this small basic program to approximate the display of smpte color bars, using reversed spaces only, and the complete palette of the 64. only superman can understand what I just said. "send one million dollars."

spacebar toggles a message which can easily be customized by editing string array.

if the message seems weird, it was inspired by the max headroom post.

anyway, feel free to mess with it, I just wanted to try to make a tiny little colorful screen. I would be interested if people choose to make it more interesting, compact, or have more screens.

2019-02-09 English Commodore 64 1.5 KB 989 Download
zip15 SMPTE v0.3

SMPTE v0.3 by Rob Lindman - Description in his words:

Update to a program I wrote and posted here previously. It shows a SMPTE color screen used in broadcasting. Now there is an Edit screen to allow easy modification and allow you to say anything you want with this format.

2019-02-09 English Commodore 64 1.84 KB 869 Download
zip16 SMPTE v0.5 HOT

SMPTE v0.5 by Rob Lindman - Huge update for my smpte color bar generator program. Now features a real time clock display for a more authentic tv look. (thank you computes gazette)

and if you have a ds12c887 rtc, or turn it on in vice, and it is set to D500, this program will read the clock on start. (found this in the vice codebase) also the ability to set the time manually if the rtc is not present or you want to depict a different time.

two days ago I published a color choosing program. I integrated that with the smpte program for selecting border and background colors.  Added the ability to toggle the color bars themselves. other small edits and improvements. perhaps more to come.

enjoy the fruit of my boredom.

2019-02-09 English Commodore 64 3.67 KB 1,286 Download
d64 floppy17 SX-64 Drive System Test (970126.J) HOT

This is a test program for the SX-64 to check the floppy drive system.

sx-64 drive system test
2015-11-03 English Commodore 64 5.86 KB 1,099 Download
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