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zip0 C64 Label Maker v1.0

Label Maker v1.0 by Michael Moore and adapted by Phil Degelia (original by S.P. Tulk) is an excellent disk label printer that should work with most Commodore compatible dot matrix printers, but designed in particular for the Gemini 10x/15.

This program supports five lines of text and has tons of options for printing style and borders.  You can also save labels that you use quite often by adding them to a specific place in the code.

2020-10-04 English Commodore 64 9.74 KB 399 Download
zip1 Customized Labels v5.0

Customized Labels by Don Ellingsworth & Thom Chuderski - Simple, straight forward label making program for 3 1/2" x 15/16" fan-fold disk labels.  Works with the Commodore MPS-803 printer and compatibles.

Note - The discrepancy between the program name and the intro screen is because the filename on disk is "custom label 5.0", so I combined them.

2023-12-03 English Commodore 64 6.96 KB 55 Download
zip2 Disk Label Maker II

Disk Label Maker II by Mark Gross - Make up to 50 labels at a time for those floppy disks you have laying around.

2023-05-01 English Commodore 64 4.98 KB 93 Download
zip3 Gary Labels 3

Gary Labels 3 by John S. Gary - This is revision 3 of a very powerful label making package that supports using Print Shop & Print Shop Companion graphics on your labels.  The program comes with full documentation and keyboard control keys listing.  Highly recommend this one if you like making floppy disk labels with a dot matrix printer!

Note - had trouble getting this to work with the WinVICE emulator.  Finally got version 3.5 SDL of WinVICE to work.  Worked no problem on a real Commodore 64.

2021-01-23 English Commodore 64 13.67 KB 367 Download
d64 floppy4 Label Maker

Can't tell you much about this label making program other than it was written by J. Shollmeyer. It does support multiple printer devices and load/save of labels.

label maker-1
2015-10-13 English Commodore 64 10.78 KB 631 Download
d64 floppy5 Label Maker v1.0

Released in 1987 by  Cheatsheet Products, Inc. Label Maker is one of the best labeling programs I have run across. It works with several different label sizes and is super easy to use.

label maker v1.0-1
2015-04-02 English Commodore 64 19.39 KB 681 Download
zip6 Label Pro v4.0

Label Pro v4.0 by Steve Boal is a super flexible label printing program with tons of features.  This might be one of the best label printers I've come across.

2020-05-29 English Commodore 64 6.22 KB 444 Download
d64 floppy7 Label Wizard v1.7

Label Wizard 1.7 was programmed by John F. Jones and Dorthy C. Dehn and released in 1987 by Hand On Software.  This slick program lets you create just about any kind of label you can think of and print it to a glorious dot-matrix printer.

label wizard 1.7-1
2015-10-08 English Commodore 64 63.79 KB 643 Download
zip8 Leroy's Label Maker v2.1
Leroy's Label Maker v2.1 by Leroy Pettis (Keystone Software) is an excellent program for creating floppy disk, file card, audio cassette, name bade, video casette, shipping, and many more types of labels. leroys-label-maker-64-v2.1-1
2020-10-28 English Commodore 64 42.07 KB 410 Download
zip9 Mail Call v3.0

Mail Call v3.0 by Ron Harrison with assistance by Norbert Pekarek is a full solution for creating, printing, and storing mailing labels.

2023-07-24 English Commodore 64 8.98 KB 75 Download
zip10 Mr. Postman

Mr. Postman by Michael J Chiocca (1986) - This is a nice address book / mailing label creator with load/save capability and printing options.  The program is well written and has some nice error checking so you can't do silly things like trying to print a label when there aren't any labels to print.

2023-05-01 English Commodore 64 10.71 KB 93 Download
zip11 NorthWest Mailing List

Mailing List by the NorthWest users group of California - Pretty straight forward label making software for the Commodore 64.  This has all the features you'd need to make labels for that old school, dot-matrix printed newsletter you've been thinking of doing over the last couple years.  So quit sitting around thinking about it and download this handy utility and get writing!

This archive includes the full NorthWest Starter Kit.  There are some other utilities / programs you might find useful on it.

2023-02-10 English Commodore 64 78.13 KB 99 Download
d64 floppy12 Print Shop Labels v3.0

This program give you the capability of printing standard 1" mailing labels which contain a Print Shop graphic and up to 7 lines of text.

ps gfx lbl maker v3.0
2015-04-02 English Commodore 64 4.54 KB 634 Download
zip13 Super Labeler v3.0

Super Labeler v3.0 by Greg Martens (1986) - Don't let the intro screen fool you, I'm sure the name used there is only because the longer name wouldn't fit on the floppy disk image.  Anyway, Super Labeler is a pretty simple program but gets the job done.  Although designed with the Panasonic KX-P1091 in mind, it works find with Epson and compatible printers including the Commodore MPS-803 which I used for testing.

2023-12-03 English Commodore 64 8.29 KB 60 Download
d64 floppy14 The Label Printer

By Matt Domenici sometime in early 1987. This program will let you create, print & save labels. On disk are docs with tips and update info for this version of the program.

the label printer
2015-04-02 English Commodore 64 12.31 KB 633 Download
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