TitleCategoryUpload Date
RAMMON $c000-$d000 Category: Machine Language MonitorsJul-23-2019

Rammon $c000-$d000 by Police - Your standard maching language monitor residing at decimal 49152 (sys 49152 to start).

Platform: Commodore 64
C64 Disk Patch Category: Disk EditorsJul-23-2019

C64 Disk Patch for the Commodore 64 / 1541 floppy drive - Couldn't find much information on this track / sector editor, but it is pretty self explanatory with a built-in help menu.

Platform: Commodore 64
Rapid News #06 Category: Rapid NewsJul-21-2019

Rapid News #06 by Excess released in July 2019 - This issue is mostly a recap of a few get togethers earlier in the year.

Platform: Commodore 64
Rapid News #05 Category: Rapid NewsJul-21-2019

Rapid News #05 by Excess, released in April 2018.  This issue is mostly a look back at the BCC #12 party.  There aren't any additional game releases with this issue.

Platform: Commodore 64
Rapid News #04 Category: Rapid NewsJul-21-2019

Rapid News #04 by Excess, Released in December 2017 - This issue is mostly a look back at the year, but there is also some good releases on the disk image.

Platform: Commodore 64
Rapid News #03 Category: Rapid NewsJul-21-2019

Rapid News #03 by Excess, released in late 2017.  This issue discusses a gaming company in Austria and has an interview with PCollins who runs the Excess BBS.  At the end there is some random scene news.

Platform: Commodore 64
Rapid News #02 Category: Rapid NewsJul-21-2019

Rapid News #02 by Excess, release in May 2017 - This issue is mostly about a recap of the Revision 2017 party.  There is also some coverage of the new BBS for Excess and a little talk about other things going on around the scene.

Platform: Commodore 64
Rapid News #01 Category: Rapid NewsJul-21-2019

Rapid News by Excess, release in March of 2017 - This fairly short news letter largely discusses contacting old members from the groups first seven years to get ready for a 25th anniversary party.

Platform: Commodore 64
Alien Flash Programming via USB Category: AlienFlashJul-20-2019

Nice technical document on the details of programming the Alien Flash cartridge.

Platform: PDF
Alien Flash Transfer Program v0.00 Category: AlienFlashJul-20-2019

Alien Flash Transfer Program v0.00 by Erriah Electronics (released in 2011) is a simple command line based Windows program that lets you transfer images to the various slots of the Alien Flash cartridge.

Platform: Windows
Hanoi Tower (PAL) Category: Strategy GamesJul-20-2019

Hanoi Tower released by TND in 2019 - This is a fun puzzle / strategy game with some great graphics and sound for the Commodore 64.  Requires a joystick in port 2 and a PAL based C64.

Platform: Commodore 64
Game Controller Tester v1.0 Category: C64 TestersJul-20-2019

Game Controller Tester lets you check not only the buttons and positions of a joystick, you can also check the positions of a paddle.  As a bonus you get to listen to some SID music the whole time you're testing.

Platform: Commodore 64
Cyborg+19 C*Base TEXTPROMPT-EDITOR Category: C-Base BBSJul-20-2019

Cyborg+19 is a text-prompt editor for C*Base BBS released by Holy Moses of ROLE on 7-19-2019,  Improvements based on CBASE3MODDER by TRON/FLT

Platform: Commodore 64
Single-Disk Backup Category: Disk CopiersJul-18-2019

Single-Disk Backup by Joe Schey is not only a full disk copier for the Commodore 64, it can also copy single or multiple files using a single drive, not having to copy all the tracks & sectors just to move a few files.

Platform: Commodore 64
Copy II 64 - Quickload Category: Fast LoadersJul-18-2019

Back in 1985 Central Point Software released a disk backup program called Copy II for the Commodore 64 that had some extra utilities for computer housekeeping chores.  One of those was a fast load program called Quickload.  The unusual thing about this fast loader is that it's a two file utility which probably made it unpopular for throwing on a disk full of games or whatever because others wouldn't be sure which file was the loader shim, although the file size probably makes it obvious to the more astute.

Platform: Commodore 64
DirMaster v3.1.3 Category: Disk File Transfer ToolsJul-18-2019

Issues reported by users that were resolved in v3.1.3:

  • Windows XP compatibility restored in 3.1.3 [0182] (Luca/FIRE + others)
  • Extending a d64 from 35 to 40 tracks, track 35 is destroyed [0172] (stephan-andres)
  • cvt file copy would result in failure to validate the disk in GEOS [0178] (scott.hutter)

Thanks to all who made an effort to submit bug reports. If you sent a bug report and don't see it addressed here, don't worry, it's in the queue.

Other issues resolved in v3.1.3:

  • "Mark disk for GEOS" incorrectly writes the border sector [0181]
  • New d64 images are more accurately matching the 1541 formatted content (open1,8,15,"n0:" style) [0179]
  • BAM view could cause a crash when viewing truncated disk images, this should be less likely now [0168]
  • An error message would sometimes be shown when quitting DirMaster after launching a disk image in an emulator [0159]

Belated thanks to Bacchus/FLT who sent most of the issues that were addressed in 3.1.2.

Platform: Windows
Brainstorm128 Category: Miscellaneous UtilitiesJul-15-2019

A simple brainstorming tool for the C128.  Accepts words and parts-of-speech and scrambles them to form sentences in the hopes of forming sentences to start off a story.

Platform: Commodore 128
64 Charsets (PAL) Category: Font Character EditorsJul-06-2019

64 Charsets by Mace of View, released on Feb. 26th, 1989 - Figured I'd add another program today that is basically a bunch of character sets that you can rip from memory and use in your own programs. I only took screenshots of the first few sets.  Unlike the other program "99 Charsets +" there isn't an easy way to save the characters to disk, so happy hacking.  This one is also PAL only but the character sets will still work fine for NTSC.

Platform: Commodore 64
99 Charsets+ (PAL) Category: Font Character EditorsJul-06-2019

99 Charsets + is a handy utility that lets you browse through various character sets and save the one you like out to a file at hex location #2000 for use in your own programs.  This doesn't really fit in a particular category so I'll throw it in with character / font editors.  This is a PAL based C64 program.

Platform: Commodore 64
Action Replay v5.0 (Fairlight) Category: Action ReplayJul-05-2019

Here we have a hacked version of what appears to be the Action Replay v5.0  (.CRT) cartridge.  All mods apparently by Bacchus of Fairlight in 1989.

Platform: Commodore 64
CCS64 v3.9.2 Manual Category: Software ManualsJul-05-2019

CCS64 v3.9.2 Manual - converted to PDF from HTML.  The original HTML page is included with the binary distribution of the software obtained at http://www.ccs64.com/

Platform: PDF
Action Replay v6.0 (TRIAD) Category: Action ReplayJul-05-2019

Wow, go figure, TRIAD had to release a hacked version of Action Replay v6.0, how cool is that?!? NOT.

Platform: Commodore 64
Action Replay v7.5 (Hacked) Category: Action ReplayJul-05-2019

Another hacked version of the Action Replay cartridge.  

Platform: Commodore 64
Action Replay v7.0 (Hacked) Category: Action ReplayJul-05-2019

Action Replay .CRT Cartridge 7.0 by Triumwyrat Studio in 1990 - Can't find any info on what's new about this cart, so it's likely some 10 year olds hack to replace the version info.

Platform: Commodore 64
Action Replay v5.0 Category: Action ReplayJul-05-2019

From some brief research it appears this is a hacked version of Action Replay 4.2 Pro. According to the Action Replay wiki this doesn't seem unusual:

"There are several sub-versions of the english 5.2, but they strangely enough appear to be changes from the 4.2 versions without the major code update which happened towards the official 5.0 version. This seems to be partly caused by incorrect or confusing numbering from Toolkit and fastload version numbers."

Platform: Commodore 64
Action Replay v6.0 Category: Action ReplayJul-05-2019

Action Replay by Datel in 1989 - This archive is a .CRT cartridge image which works with the VICE emulator.

Platform: Commodore 64
Clone Machine Category: Disk CopiersJul-05-2019

Clone Machine released by Exodus in 1985 is a subset of the Super Clone Machine program.  With this you can copy disks or files and edit tracks / sectors.

Platform: Commodore 64
Copy II v2.8 Category: Disk CopiersJul-05-2019

Copy II v2.8 by Central Point Software, released in 1985 - This is another version of the popular full disk nibbler copy program.

Platform: Commodore 64
X-Copy Category: Disk CopiersJul-05-2019

X-Copy is a two drive file / disk copier for the Commodore 64 and one or two 1541 disk drives.  Not only can you copy full disks, you can copy just the allocated data on a disk.  It also supports file copying and drive speed testing.  Nice little program.

Platform: Commodore 64
Error Editor Category: Disk EditorsJul-04-2019

Error Editor by Star Software released in 1985 - If your floppy has an error or you want to add one, this is the tool for you.

Platform: Commodore 64
Ultimate 64 Firmware v1.21 Category: ultimate 64Jul-04-2019

Differences with previous release V1.20

  • Based on the Ultimate-II+ firmware Version 3.5a
  • Fixed UltiSid reset; should zero all registers to silence it
  • Fixed debug register for regression testing
  • Fixed directories that match file type extensions
Platform: Commodore 64
Ultimate 64 Firmware v1.20 Category: ultimate 64Jul-04-2019

Differences with previous release V1.18

  • Based on the Ultimate-II+ firmware Version 3.5
  • Added features:
    • Real time streaming VIC video data over Ethernet
    • Real time streaming audio data over Ethernet
    • Added commands on TCP port to enable/disable these streams
    • Added commands to enable/disable emulated drives, over UCI
    • Added possibility to write to D64 images from the menu (e.g. copy PRG files into it).
    • Added DE00 and DF00 ranges as possible options for SID socket decodes
    • Printer emulation now supports color!
  • Improvements to VIC:
    • Sprite collision timing solved
    • Sprite to background collision problem solved
    • Sprite expansion timing corrected, also in combination with multicolor
    • Sprite retriggering fixed
    • Border color change timing one adjusted by one pixel
    • Various improvements to pass emufuxx0r tests. (incl. 50-pixel wide sprites)
    • Fixed loading sprite data when VIC is read AEC=1
    • Sprite timing fixed for NTSC
  • Improvements to CPU:
    • ANE (B) made to work.
    • Implemented SHA, SHS, SHX, SHY and LAX #imm
    • CPU PIO register floating inputs fixed.
  • Improvements to SID:
    • Improvements to ADSR envelope generator (fixes missing notes in e.g. Hawkeye 2018)
    • More realistic values for SID filter resonance
    • Added volume control for the SID digis
    • LowPass boost in sid mixer.
    • Improved anti-aliasing on resample filter in PAL mode
  • Improvements on SID player
    • Built-in SID player now supports MUS files as well (including stereo tunes)
    • Added support for toggling screen on/off in Sidplayer with S key.
    • Added support for song length in SID header.
    • Fixed correct SID model selection for SIDFX boards
    • Various other bug fixes
  • Other machine fixes:
    • U64 speaker volume fix.
  • Other bug fixes
    • Another bug in the network stack that caused stack corruption and random crash
    • Copying a file from a container now restores extension
    • Fixed issue of copying file from .t64 files
    • Added 'Enter' option for .t64 files
    • User Interface improvements / fixes
    • Fixed telnet connection - removing header upon connect (fixes random copy actions)
    • Changed default hostname to match target

Thanks to:

  • David Horrocks for very useful input about VIC sprite handling and custom test programs
  • Rene Garcia for this addition of color to the printer emulation
  • Wilfred Bos for his improvements to the SID (and now MUS) player
  • Scott Hutter for added UCI commands
  • Martijn Wieland for his U64_Streamer PC application Download here: https://www.tsb.space/projects/u64-streamer/
  • Chris Verheijen for his critical ear on UltiSID.
Platform: Commodore 64
Ultimate 64 Firmware v1.18 Category: ultimate 64Jul-04-2019

Differences with previous release V1.10

  • Based on the Ultimate-II+ firmware Version 3.4c
  • NTSC mode has been fixed, from 262 lines to 263 lines per frame.
  • SID autoconfig: If there is just one SID, give it the full address range.
  • Speaker volume setting added for U64.
  • Various fixes in the VIC sprite generator. This fixes many demos.
  • Preparations added for Elite version of the U64 board
  • Adjusted analog colors, thanks to Matt Barszcz
  • Fixed sprite collision register timing.
  • Fixed line 137 to 000 rollover. This fixes Lunatico three layer scroller
  • Added LED controls for the two Case LEDs
  • Fixed tape record to tap file
  • Fixed various CIA issues. This fixed the Expert Cart unfreeze problem. Thanks to David Horrocks
  • Refined IRQ timing of the 6502 CPU core.
  • Added AC generator to support UserPort cable
  • Fixed the order of Flash images, to make SS5 NTSC and TAR NTSC work.
  • Fixed RES bit in $D016, should be writable. Thanks to David Horrocks

Changes to the application, 3.4c, compared to previous 3.4:

  • Fixing homedirectory function. Added possibility to use wildcards.
  • Fixed file extensions. Makes songlengths load again.
  • Significant improvements to the Software IEC module.
  • Updates to SID player:
    • Implemented pause feature (using space bar)
    • Pause will now also mute 2nd and 3rd SID chip
    • Fixed SID version check and SID header relocation
    • Fixed display issue when SID model or clock is unknown
    • Updated version of player and copyright year
Platform: Commodore 64
Pixel Polizei (July 2017) Category: Graphics ToolsJul-04-2019

Pixel Polizei is a tool for the retro/scene/retroscene artist. It lets you automatically check whether an image conforms to the color limits of a particular oldschool platform and save the result in certain native formats. The underlying idea is that you can use whatever paint program you happen to prefer for creating the images and observe – almost real-time – if you’ve made a mistake somewhere. One more fundamental bit is that the tool is multiplatform unlike many others.

Inside the archive is the single web page pulled from archive.org and a pdf version for the site that no longer exists.

Platform: Windows
Multipaint 2018b Category: Graphics ToolsJul-04-2019

Multipaint 2018b by Tero Heikkinen - http://multipaint.kameli.net/

With Multipaint, you can draw pictures with the color limitations of some typical 8-bit computer platforms. The screen formats supported are Commodore 64 high resolution, Commodore 64 multicolor, Commodore Plus/4 Hires, Commodore Plus/4 multicolor, ZX Spectrum, MSX 1 and Amstrad CPC0.

Requires Java, but just having the ability to export your drawing directly to a .prg file that will run on a C64 makes it worth the sacrifice.

Platform: Windows