TitleCategoryUpload Date
AlomWare 64 v2.00 Category: Wallpaper and BackgroundsDec-08-2017

AlomWare 64 by Paul Bowlay is an extremely cool wallpaper app for Windows 7/8/10.  This program not only gives your background a cool retro look from the days of the Commodore 64, it takes the retro look and integrates live stats from your PC plus so much more.  There are many backgrounds to choose from, many more than the three screen shots I've included.  Head over to http://www.alomware.com/a64.htm to get more details and get the latest version.

Platform: Windows
Disk Masher 64 v1.0 Category: Miscellaneous ArchiversOct-26-2017

Disk Masher 64 v1.0 by Donncha Ó Caoimh is a full disk archiver similar to zipcode.  There are docs on the disk and here is the programmers blog with a nice write-up on the program 


Platform: Commodore 64
Horizon Editor 128 Category: C G EditorsOct-26-2017

Horizon Editor 128 by Len Fulmer, John Roby, Ann Hayes and Earl Harvey is an 80 column text graphics editor with many features.   Full docs and sample graphics are included on the disk.

Platform: Commodore 128
Match 80 Category: Strategy GamesOct-22-2017

Match 80 for the Commodore 128 is a neat little 80 column game that pits you against the computer at guessing a number between 1 and 100.

Platform: Commodore 128
PETSCII to Bitmap Category: Graphics ConvertersOct-22-2017

Saw this program posted over at csdb.dk and had recently been looking for something just like this.  It's not a turnkey solution, but if you read through the included .ASM source code there are some docs in it that describe what you need to do.  IMHO, this program is begging for a nice user interface ;)

Platform: Commodore 64
Hearts 128 Category: Strategy GamesOct-20-2017

Hearts 128 by John Zielinsky is an 80 column Commodore 128 card game.  Instructions for playing are built into the game.

Platform: Commodore 128
Mouse80 Category: Miscellaneous UtilitiesOct-20-2017

Mouse80 for the Commodore 128 is an alphanumeric mouse driver for 80 column mode.  Source code is included so you can add it to your own programs.

Platform: Commodore 128
STView ][ 128 Category: Graphic ViewersOct-20-2017

STView ][ by FutureSoft is a Commodore 128 80 column viewer for graphics created by the Degas Image Editor (Atari ST program).  There are a few images included on the disk.

Platform: Commodore 128
Trader 128 v2.2 Category: Strategy GamesOct-15-2017

Trader 128 v2.2 is a Commodore 128 game about making the most money while building interstellar shipping lanes.  Full docs for the game are on the disk.

Platform: Commodore 128
BurgerWhop 128 Category: Strategy GamesOct-15-2017

BurgerWhop by Brian L. Copeland is an 80 column Commodore 128 game that reminds me of Lode Runner.  Instructions are built into the game.

Platform: Commodore 128
OH! Thello 128 Category: Strategy GamesOct-15-2017

OH! Thello 128 by Digital Daze Electronics is a 80 column Commodore 128 clone of the classic game Reversi or Othello.

Platform: Commodore 128
Millifoot 128 (80 Column) Category: Strategy GamesOct-15-2017

Millifoot 80 by L.K. Snyder, released in 1988.  This action game for the Commodore 128 is an 80 column clone of the classic Atari game called Centipede.

Platform: Commodore 128