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CBMPrgStudio v3.11.0 Category: CBMPrgStudioSep-19-2017

New features in v3.11.0:

  • Assembler:
    • CTRL+Double click on label or variable will take you to its definition.
    • Mouse over a directive to get a tooltip of its usage.
    • Control/screen codes can be embedded in text strings.
  • Debugger:
    • Default watch list.
  • Sprite Editor:
    • Number keys for quick colour change.
  • Screen Editor:
    • Quick colour change.
    • Screen editor can generate data to basic string array.
  • BASIC:
    • Super Expander basic extension for VIC 20 projects.


Bugs Fixed:

  • Assembler:
    • Having '*=' in a comment causes an error
    • Macros weren't appearing in the macro viewer
    • Multiple macro parameters in the same line were being ignored.
  • BASIC:
    • Incorrect line warning length for VIC20 projects.
  • Screen designer:
    • Crash when exporting C128 screens.
  • Sprite Editor:
    • Fail when importing from listing when the target line number was also in another part of the listing.
  • Character Editor:
    • Fail when importing from listing when the target line number was also in another part of the listing.

    See the help for a complete list of new features and fixed bugs.

    Note In this version, each target machine can have its own default project directory. If you are upgrading from a previous version (before version 2.5.1) of CBM prg Studio you may be asked to set up your project directories again. Your current projects will not be affected. 
Platform: Windows
1 Minute SpeedBackup v1.1 Category: Disk CopiersSep-15-2017

1 Minute SpeedBackup v1.1 - relased by Agnostic Front.  Basically your no frills single or dual drive disk copier with options for format and copying errors.

Platform: Commodore 64
NinjaTerm v2.0 Category: Miscellaneous Terminal ProgramsSep-13-2017

NinjaTerm is an all-assembler term program for the Commodore VIC-20. NinjaTerm has the following features:

  • Very, very fast
  • Works at speeds up to 2400 baud in VICE
  • Works at speeds up to 1200 baud in hardware.
  • Uses C64 char set to improve readability
  • Programmable Address Book


NinjaTerm will run on any 16k VIC-20. Future versions may require 24k. NinjaTerm works with all userport modems, including new Wifi Modems and tcpser based modems.

Platform: Commodore VIC 20
C*Base BBS v3.3.7 Category: C-Base BBSSep-12-2017

This archive contains the full release of C*Base BBS v3.3.7 - Included in the archive are three d64 floppies and  a d81 floppy along with the user's guide and programmer's reference guide in PDF format.

Platform: Commodore 64
SDL v1.2.15 - Windows 32-bit Category: PC Terminal ProgramsSep-04-2017

The Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL for short) is a cross-platfrom library designed to make it easy to write multi-media software, such as games and emulators.  This particular version of SDL is should be used to replace the SDL.DLL included with CGTERM 1.7.2b when using Windows 10.  This will fix various screen related issues.

Platform: Windows
C64NET Wifi Firmware Software Docs Category: C64NET WifiSep-04-2017

This document describes the applications written to work with the C64Net WiFi modem running firmware version 2.0 or better. If this is your first time using the modem, you should start with the configure program to get your modem connected to the internet. You can then use the FTP, TELNET, IRC, WGET, and other programs whenever you wish to communicate with the internet. The disk includes numerous machine language binaries (pml64.bin, pml128.bin, pmlvic.bin, x-xfer64.bin, x-xfer128.bin, rds64.bin, and up9600.bin) which are required for some the several programs provided.

Platform: PDF
C64NET Wifi Firmware 3.1 Docs Category: C64NET WifiSep-04-2017

The C64NET Wifi Firmware is an api for communication between a serial terminal and the ESP8266.  It simulates the old-style Hayes "AT" commands, so that the ESP8266 appears to the terminal as if it were a Hayes modem. These "AT" commands may then be issued to the ESP8266 in order to force it to connect to a wireless access point, and from there to make one or more manageable connections to the internet. It also includes a streaming serial "telnet" mode, and server/port listener capabilities.

This document details the API and AT command set.

Platform: PDF
Handling D64 Images on an IDE64 Category: IDE64Aug-30-2017

Nice article on how to handle D64 disk images directly on an IDE64.

Platform: PDF
CBM Mark v1.01b Category: Miscellaneous UtilitiesAug-30-2017

CBMMark is a benchmarking suite for the C64 and C128 computers. CBMMark can analyze the performance of any kernel compliant drive. CBMMark performs tests using REL, PRG and SEQ files. 

* Allows executing of tests on multiple drives in one session. 
* Allows saving results of tests to a text file for later retrieval. 
* Benchmarks 400, 40, and 4 block SEQ file CRUD access. 
* Benchmarks 2k and 4k PRG CRUD access. 
* Benchmarks 50 record REL file CRUD access. 

Platform: Commodore 64
C64NET Wifi Apps (08-19-2017) Category: C64NET WifiAug-28-2017

C64NET Wifi modem applications - These are from 08-19-2017

Platform: Commodore 64
C64 Reloaded MK2 Nuvie AD Category: CMD RAMLinkAug-28-2017

This is a RAMLink Nuvie (Movie) advertising the C64Reloaded MK2 motherboard.

Platform: Commodore 64
C64NET Wifi Schematics Category: C64NET WifiAug-28-2017

The C64Net card adds wireless internet to you Commodore 64 computer. It supports an AT command similar to the  Hayes smart modem. It is capable of communication at speeds up to  9600 baud. 

Platform: PDF