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Denise 1.04 (C64 Emulator) Category: deniseApr-02-2019

Denise 1.04 is a relatively new Commodore 64 Emulator - (https://sourceforge.net/projects/deniseemu/) - Words from the author:

Denise is a cycle accurate and platform independant c64 / amiga emulator.
My motivation for this project is understanding how it works and write clean and easy readable code.
I dont't sacrifice accuracy or code readability for excecution speed, so you need a fast machine to get it fullspeed.
The project is influenced by the design of the emulator higan.

I have reached the second checkpoint in my personal retro trip. 
Denise now supports Light Guns/Pens, GunStick, Mouse 1351, Mouse Neos, Paddles.

Denise consists of 4 main modules.
"guikit", "driver", "emulation" could be used in any other project. "program" links these modules together.


  • emulation
  • cross platform: win 32/64 ( >=XP ), osx, linux
  • cycle accurate
  • Dynamic Rate Control
Platform: Windows
TDF's Disk Utility Disk v1.0 Category: CompilationsApr-01-2019

TDF's Disk Utility Disk v1.0 (Yes it's actually called that) is a nive collection of disk utilities including copiers, turbo loaders, directory editors, etc...

Platform: Commodore 64
TapeDevil 1 Category: CompilationsApr-01-2019

TapeDevil 1 is the original collection of apps and utilities for the Commodore 64 TapeCart.

Platform: Commodore 64
GEOS deskTop 1.5 Users Manual Category: Software ManualsApr-01-2019
Platform: PDF
Cartridge Cloner Category: Miscellaneous UtilitiesApr-01-2019

Cartridge Cloner - This is a simple little program that will dump the contents of a cartridge into a savable form in memory.  Don't think I'd recommend using this as you have to plug the cartridge in after the power is on and the dumper loaded.

Platform: Commodore 64
Ravics Term v7.6 Category: Ravics TermMar-31-2019

Written by Mark Zamok and Ron Hayden, 1984. Decent 300-1200 baud color terminal. Fixes and updates documented inside the program.

Platform: Commodore 64
FBackup v2.5 Category: Disk CopiersMar-31-2019

FBackup v2.5 for the Commodore 64 is a 70 second full disk single drive copier by Thomas Templemann.

Platform: Commodore 64
File Copier (LC) Category: File CopiersMar-31-2019

File Copier by Larry Coats (1984 ) is a simple but flexible program that can store up to 205 blocks of code at a time for single disk file copying.

Platform: Commodore 64
MOS6502 X-Assembler Category: Assemblers PCMar-29-2019

MOS6502 is a simple (non-macro) DOS-based assembly language translator (assembler) for the MOS 6502 microprocessor and its numerous clones. We tried to keep its syntax as simple as possible.

MOS6502 supports numeric constants as well as regular expressions and outputs pure binary code.

System requirements
  • Intel i80386 microprocessor (or compatibles)
  • Microsoft MS-DOS 5.0 (or compatibles)

Main memory requirements depend on source file size and symbol table size.

Platform: DOS
TapeDevil 2 Category: CompilationsMar-29-2019

TapeDevil 2 (Successor to TapeDevil 1) is a huge collection of utilities specifically designed for the Commodore 64 TapeCart hardware.  See long description for list of programs included in the compilation.

Platform: Commodore 64
WinVICE 3.2 (32-bit) Category: winviceMar-29-2019

 Changes in VICE 3.2


** General


- New (experimental) GTK3 native port, this and the SDL(2) port will replace   all other ports (which will get removed) in VICE 3.3 and onward.

- Handling of the `-keybuf` command now works properly for all emulators and RAM sizes.

- Fixed handling of LOAD"$$" with virtual devices.

- Fixed @CD, @MD and @RD commands for virtual filesystem devices.

- Fixed NEOS Mouse emulation.

- Call the new CIA "8521" instead of "6526A" (which is wrong) in the UIs.

- Added 4sid support.

- Fixed tape wobble.

- Erase timing fixes in flash core.

- Don't allocate sectors on tracks > 70 in the BAM of 1571 images.

- Ethernet emulation: fix register mapping in rr-net mode.

- reSID: fixed envelope bugs shown by testprogs/SID/env_test/.

- Fixed 6509 CPU port issues.

- Added support for TAP virtual network interface.

- Fixed drive clock overflow. Drive and host went out of sync on clock overflow (every ~4G cycles), which would break loading or custom drive code in the case loader/stuff is not idle during overflow window. Also drive would execute ~4G cycles out of sync, which made the emulator freeze for a while.


** Monitor


- Fix monitor 'm' command buffer overflow.

- Added conditional on values in memory to breakpoint handling.


** SDL changes


- Cosmetic overhaul of the SDL UI.

- New drag'n'drop support for the SDL2 port(s).

- Fixed monitor display of printables with the 'M' (memdump) command.

- Fixed drive status display in statusbar.

- Added "advance frame".

- Disable the mouse pointer unless we really need it.

- Change MacOSX SDL menu key to F10 to accommodate old MacBooks etc.

- Change default menu key for sdl amiga based platforms to 'F10'.

- Added default hotkey files (with hotkeys similar to existing GUIs).

- Added various keymaps for use with keyrah in combian/retropie.

- Added controller mapping file for PS3 controller.

Platform: Windows
C64Studio v6.0 Category: C64StudioMar-28-2019

New Version 6.0! Nothing ground breaking, just smallish stuff: 

Add: Graphic screen editor paint tools 
Add: BASIC editor 80 char pos line 
Add: Allow changing of start address for BASIC 
Add: Save to File Manager 
Add: Real version number to properties/details 
Fix: Crash when deleting folder in Solution Explorer 
Add: Prepare file opened via context menu on !source PO 
Fix: Crash when unknown character encountered 
Fix: caret color detection 
Add: Support for alternative Debug.Log viewers 
Fix: Different post build commands for Win/Unix 
Fix: Resource leak in Hex sprite viewer 
Fix: Crash in sprite viewer 
Fix: Crash in macro viewer without active project 
Add: Support for GTK Vice' console window 
Fix: BASIC renumber bug (first token after line number went missing) 
Add: Opening of base libs via context menu 
Fix: Default graphic screen start size 320x200 
Add: Debug Views (memory/register) color adjustable 

Platform: Windows
Hoxs64 v1.0.19.0 (32 & 64 Bit) Category: Hoxs64Mar-28-2019

24 March 2019 - v1.0.19.0

- Fix track wrap around disk image corruption to the file produced with "Save as D64".

Platform: Windows
FCBPaint v0.9 Category: Hi-Res Graphics EditorsMar-27-2019

FCBPaint is a (PAL) VIC-20 (requires 32kb expander) editor for a special software defined graphics mode with 168*192 pixels with 8x4 char color and inline color splits.

fcbpaint V0.9, 2019-01-29
- rewrote the editor display layer to save space.
- black pixels are now shown as inverted with blue outline in the editor. (toggle with 'O')
- show bytes left for compiler instead of end andress.
- coordinates are now shown correctly rounded in quick fill mode.
- fixed bug where loading a file that is not a picture might crash fcbpaint.
- fixed bug where display of render errors would "stick" in the border area.
- fixed bug where size of rendered data and render errors wasn't cleared after initializing or loading new picture.
- fixed nasty compiler bug where the first change on a line would sometimes be mysteriously optimized away. (reported by Mike)
- rearranged memory layout to allow for future improvements.
- added example pictures by Tokra.

Platform: Commodore VIC 20
Digi Script v1 Category: C G EditorsMar-07-2019

This is a PAL only C/G editor - It seems to only work reliably on VICE 3.1 or higher and only with a pal c64 model.

Platform: Commodore 64
Ultimate 64 Firmware v1.06 Category: ultimate 64Mar-07-2019

Ultimate 64 firmware v1.06:

  • SpeedDOS Parallel Cable (needs e.g. DolpinDOS roms)
  • Interface type: Ultimate Menu picture overlay (HDMI-only)
  • USB keyboard support. Like earlier firmware, press scroll/lock to enter/exit the Ultimate menu.
  • Replacement of Charrom and BAISC

Note for the Ultimate 64:
You will need a kernel, basic and character rom after the upgrade. These roms are not included in the update. These roms are distributed with vice-emu, but you can also find them on zimmermans.net.

For instance, you could use these roms: 901225-01.bin (char), 901226.bin (basic) and 901227-03.bin (kernal). Roms with the .rom extension should also work.

Platform: Commodore 64
Ultimate 64 Firmware v1.02 Category: ultimate 64Mar-07-2019


  • Sprite Collisions.
  • Illegal graphics fetches.
  • Sprite DMA timing.
  • Nuvie Player.
  • NMI handling improved in 6502.
  • Illegal reads when BA=0 masked out (“PLA” issue)
  • Added debounce on Restore Key.
  • KCS power cart fixed (sprite graphics error)
  • HDMI/DVI Compatibility.

.. and there are many improvements not present in the changelog.

Platform: Commodore 64
Ultimate 64 Firmware v1.10 Category: ultimate 64Mar-07-2019
Differences with previous release V1.0B
  • Based on Ultimate-II+ firmware Version 3.4
  • NTSC mode has been added. The switch can be found in the U64 Specific Settings menu
  • Added rudimentary support for USB Floppy disks (not completely done yet; as removal of floppy is not yet detected)
  • USB problems with low/full speed devices fixed; no more bus hang-ups in these cases. (No full HID support just yet..)
  • VIC collision problem fixed.
  • Improved 1541 compatibility; weak bit areas and floppy speed zones are now properly supported.
  • Various improvements 'under the hood'
Platform: Commodore 64
CCGMS Ultimate Category: CCGMSFeb-26-2019

CCGMS By Craig Smith, modded and improved by Alwyz.  This is the latest (01-25-2019) release of CCGMS with many improvements and in particular support for the Ultimate 64 by Gideon.  See screen shot #3 for additioinal info on what's been improved and fixed.

Platform: Commodore 64
Multi-Easy Category: EasyFlash CollectionsFeb-25-2019

Multi-Easy by Lord Crass (2013) is a cartridge image designed for the Easy Flash 3 which contains many useful utilities and games while only taking up a single programming slot on the Easy Flash.  See the screenshot for details on what's included in the cartridge.

Platform: Commodore 64