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d64 floppy.jpg Big Blue Reader Manual

Manual for Big Blue Reader.

02-05-15 English PDF 2.42 MB 171.00
pdf.png Billboard Maker Manual
30-12-16 PDF 2.53 MB 143.00
pdf.png Billboard Maker Manual v2.0
30-12-16 PDF 2.56 MB 142.00
d64 floppy.jpg C64 Datatool Docs

Datatool for the Commodore 64 is a unique type of spreadsheet program.  Here are the docs / manual converted to PDF from http://www.webnet.at/c64/datatool.htm

04-11-16 English PDF 240.75 KB 147.00
pdf.png Cardco Cardware D08 Super Printer Utility Programs
30-12-16 English PDF 2.33 MB 137.00
zip.png CartoGraph v1.4 Manual NEW

Cartograph is a native Commodore 64 application created for designing tile-based maps/levels. This versatile tool allows you to create maps and levels for your games, matrices and data for demos and tools and much more.  Here is the manual in PDF format.

29-07-19 English Commodore 64 128.75 KB 16.00
zip.png CCS64 v3.9.2 Manual

CCS64 v3.9.2 Manual - converted to PDF from HTML.  The original HTML page is included with the binary distribution of the software obtained at http://www.ccs64.com/

05-07-19 English PDF 192.62 KB 31.00
zip.png Commodore 64 Forth+

Now with C64 FORTH+ you can program your Commodore 64 with a language even more flexible than BASIC, yet almost as powerful as machine code.

C64 FORTH+ is a high level language that will enable you to run programs up to fifty times faster than those written in BASIC, without the tedious programming requirements of machine language.  You can even re-define the language to suit your own programming requirements! C64 FORTH+ is the tool for programmers who want to squeeze as much power and speed from the Commodore 64 as possible.

30-06-19 English PDF 306.78 KB 23.00
zip.png Copy II 64/128 v3.1 Manual NEW

Copy II 64/128 v3.1 Manual

24-07-19 English PDF 5.29 MB 17.00
zip.png Copy II 64/128 v4.0 Manual NEW

Copy II 64/128 v4.0 Manual

24-07-19 3.05 MB 17.00
d64 floppy.jpg DesTerm 128 v3.02 Manual

DesTerm 128 v3.02 Manual.

02-05-15 English PDF 129.4 KB 224.00
d64 floppy.jpg gateWay v2.5 Users Manual (GEOS)
26-12-16 English PDF 7.15 MB 157.00
zip.png GEOS deskTop 1.5 Users Manual
01-04-19 English PDF 4.76 MB 159.00
d64 floppy.jpg GEOS V2.0 Manual

GEOS Version 2.0 Manual.

04-05-15 English PDF 20.33 MB 194.00
d64 floppy.jpg Image BBS v1.2a Documentation

Documentation for the Commodore 64 BBS program called IMAGE.

24-11-16 English PDF 230.5 KB 153.00
zip.png Lode Runner Manual
02-07-19 English PDF 687.89 KB 20.00
d64 floppy.jpg MegaPatch 3 English Manual

This is a manual for the MegaPatch 3 upgrade to the GEOS operating system.

30-10-15 English PDF 58.86 KB 203.00
d64 floppy.jpg MegaPatch 3 Manual

This is the manual for MegaPatch3 and TopDesk 4.1 - These are upgrades to GEOS version 2.0.

04-05-15 English PDF 58.49 KB 172.00
pdf.png Outrageous Pages Loading Instructions
30-12-16 English PDF 612.18 KB 143.00
pdf.png Outrageous Pages Manual
30-12-16 English PDF 6.48 MB 142.00
pdf.png PrintPower Quick Reference Card
30-12-16 English PDF 85.94 KB 132.00
pdf.png PrintPower_Manual
30-12-16 4.97 MB 148.00
pdf.png Printshop_Companion_Reference_Card
30-12-16 141.07 KB 146.00
pdf.png Printshop_Companion_Reference_Manual
30-12-16 1.11 MB 140.00
pdf.png Print_Master_Users_Guide
30-12-16 8.28 MB 157.00
zip.png Spritemaster 64

The Spritemaster 64 animation program is designed as a sprite generator and editor for use by programmers or as a fun and creative playmate for children or adults.

Sprites are movable object blocks which, through the power of the new Commodore 64 computer, can be made to imitate almost any moving object.

Spritemaster helps you build your sprite, then copy and modify it to produce a sequence of pictures which represent the object in motion. The Animate command will then put each picture on the screen in rapid succession to create the animation. This is similar to what takes place in a movie projector where still photographs, each a slightly different picture, are rapidly projected one after another onto the screen to produce a “ motion picture.”

Spritemaster lets you modify your sprite picture sequence to produce colors, shapes and sizes which give the best effect. In addition, you may change the speed of animation (the rate at which the still frames are displayed) or the speed of travel (the vertical or horizontal movement across the screen).

Once you have created your animated figure, you can save the informaton to tape or disk for retrieval at a later time. You may want to refine several figures for use in a game program. Although Spritemaster is not a game program, it is a program to create game objects. For example, it cannot display a pitcher throwing a baseball to a catcher. It can, however, be used to create the pitcher as a separate sprite, including the throwing motion, then the baseball as another sprite, and then the catcher as the final sprite. Each object is created separately and then transfered to other programs for interaction and movement as desired. The programmer’s reference section provides guidance on how to manipulate sprites in your own programs.

24-08-17 English PDF 5.53 MB 171.00
d64 floppy.jpg SysRes Users Guide


24-11-16 English PDF 3.56 MB 160.00
d64 floppy.jpg The 1581 Toolkit Manual

Manual for the software utility package called "The 1581 Toolkit".  This manual is for v2.02 of the software.

12-10-15 English PDF 11.4 MB 317.00
d64 floppy.jpg The Newsroom Clipart Volume 1
27-12-16 English PDF 3.35 MB 137.00
d64 floppy.jpg The Newsroom Clipart Volume 2
27-12-16 English Commodore 64 2.23 MB 131.00
d64 floppy.jpg The Newsroom Clipart Volume 3
27-12-16 English PDF 2.47 MB 141.00
pdf.png The_Fun_Graphics_Machine_Font_Disk
30-12-16 132.47 KB 117.00
pdf.png The_Newsroom_in_Detail_and_Complete_Guide_to_Creating_a_Newspaper
30-12-16 6.18 MB 145.00
pdf.png The_Newsroom_Quick_Reference_Guide
30-12-16 4.58 MB 127.00
pdf.png The_Newsroom_Users_Manual
30-12-16 2.74 MB 140.00