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EasyFlash 3 USB Utilities v1.7 EasyFlash 3 USB Utilities v1.7

This is a all-in-1 utility for the EasyFlash 3 cartridge and its USB connection to the PC. The utility is precompiled for M$ Windows and Linux, Source are available.


  • PC has installed Easyflash 3 USB driver. If not please get it from: https://bitbucket.org/skoe/easyflash/wiki/EF3InstallDriver
  • PC and EF3 are connected using the USB cable.
  • EF3 has jumpers set to “DATA” (down) mode.

Changelog from v1.4:

  • Created a single “ef3usb.prg” and “ef3usb.exe” utility which includes all previous utilities in one single package.
  • Speeded up the Turbo Reader a bit with reverse sector loading.
  • Added 40 track support to D64 read and write (turbo version only!)
  • Added turbo format command – 35 and 40 sectors. Curtesy of tlr’s “Format II” utility.
  • “dir” and “copy” commands now also display the disk name and ID.
  • “execute” command now also accepts .P00 files.
  • “xfer” command added. This command will transfer (copy) files from the C64 to the PC! You can write these files in .PRG or .P00 format.


System Windows
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