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Durex Forth v1.6.0 Durex Forth v1.6.0

  • forth: now available as a 16 kB cartridge image. the cartridge has the same functionality as the disk version, but boots faster.
  • forth: removed gfx from standard modules
  • forth: dropped all usage of BASIC (including float module)
  • forth: moved rarely used words to compat module
  • asm: renamed zptmp zptmp2 zptmp3 => w w2 w3
  • asm: renamed sp0 sp1 => lsb msb
  • gfx: moved bitmap graphics area from $8c00-$8fff, $a000-$bfff to $cc00-$cfff, $e000-$ffff
  • doc: expanded assembler documentation
  • editor: removed fg


System Commodore 64
Size1.09 MB

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