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Durex Forth v1.5.0 Durex Forth v1.5.0

  • forth: made +loop work according to standard
  • forth: added support for #, $, %, char parsing. e.g. #123, $d020, %1001001, 'z'
  • forth: ' now aborts if it does not find a word
  • forth: made "type" disable c64 quote mode (fixes "words")
  • forth: state ( -- flag ) changed to state ( -- addr )
  • forth: added count, >body, <#, #>, hold, sign, #, #s, >number, move, accept
  • forth: removed hide, hide-to, hidden, forget, scratch, cmove, cmove>
  • forth: fixed yet another tail call elimination crash
  • forth: made while/repeat implementation conform to standard
  • forth: made word conform to standard
  • forth: made "immediate", "no-tce" non-immediate
  • forth: made sure immediate does not toggle


System Commodore 64
Size1.08 MB

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