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d64 floppy.jpg Create man,usr for IDE64

This is a perl script that is used to create the man,usr file needed for IDE64 plugin configuration.

Date 01-01-17 Language  English System  Linux File Size 1.65 KB Download 33.00 Download
pdf.png FMCD_Radio_IDE64_Instructions_V1.0 HOT
Date 30-12-16 File Size 101.18 KB Download 68.00 Download
zip.png Handling D64 Images on an IDE64

Nice article on how to handle D64 disk images directly on an IDE64.

Date 30-08-17 Language  English System PDF File Size 80.8 KB Download 39.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg IDE64 Manual for v0.89 IDEDOS HOT

This manual ofr the IDE64 HardDrive/CDROM Controller was created on 2001.Feb.12. with IDEDOS v0.89 in mind and updated on 2002.Oct.11.

The IDE64 cartridge is a device for connecting IDE harddisks and ATAPI CDROM drives to a C64. It's plugged into the Expansion Port and connected to ATA(PI) devices by a 40 wire cable. The IDE64 cartridge contains a 64kB PEROM (flash EPROM, with IDEDOS, Machine Code Monitor, File Manager and Setup), a 28kB RAM (used for internal buffers), a realtime clock chip (powered by a battery), two LEDs (to indicate the presence of the cartrige and HDD activity), a Short-BUS for peripherals (like DUART Card) and an ispLSI chip.

Date 23-12-16 Language  English System  Commodore 64 File Size 1.48 MB Download 109.00 Download
zip.png IDE64 Plugins Pack 2012 HOT

This is a MUST HAVE if you own an IDE64

PLUGINS pack for IDE64 File Manager
Completed in November 2012

This archive contains collection of plugins - external
programs that extends the IDE64 File Manager functionality.
They can be individually downloaded from warez.ide64.org

Date 08-04-17 Language  English System  Commodore 64 File Size 238.93 KB Download 280.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg IDE64 v4.1 Release Notes

IDE64 v4.1 Release Notes

Date 12-09-16 Language  English System PDF File Size 43.41 KB Download 38.00 Download
zip.png IDE64_DOS0.88
Date 30-12-16 File Size 133.61 KB Download 36.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg IDEDOS v0.90

IDEDOS v0.90 for IDE64

Date 06-01-17 Language  English System  Commodore 64 File Size 87.35 KB Download 40.00 Download
zip.png idedos20160417
Date 07-01-17 File Size 85.57 KB Download 35.00 Download
zip.png ideserv-0.29f-20160806
Date 07-01-17 File Size 1.63 MB Download 34.00 Download