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zip.png Copy II 64/128 v4.0 Manual

Copy II 64/128 v4.0 Manual

24-07-19 3.05 MB 75.00 Download
zip.png Copy-Q v3.0 Manual NEW

Copy-Q 3.0 is a hiqh-speed diskette backup program the Commodore 64 computer that backs up your copy-protected software.  Copy-Q 3.0 is designed for ease of use, speed, and reliability.  Copy-Q 3.0 will make backup copies of almost any diskette-based program for the Commodore 64.

11-02-20 English PDF 2.13 MB 7.00 Download
zip.png Data Manager 128 Manual

Welcome to DATA MANAGER 128, the complete information management system for your Commodore 128.  DATA MANAGER 128 is a fast and efficient way to keep track of all types of information - customer files, inventory, address lists, market trend statistics, even phone numbers and recipes - and you can retrieve that information at the touch of a key.

21-09-19 English PDF 4.69 MB 42.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg DesTerm 128 v3.02 Manual

DesTerm 128 v3.02 Manual.

02-05-15 English PDF 129.4 KB 292.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg gateWay v2.5 Users Manual (GEOS)

gateWay v2.5 Users Manual (GEOS)

26-12-16 English PDF 7.15 MB 207.00 Download
zip.png GEOS deskTop 1.5 Users Manual

GEOS deskTop 1.5 Users Manual

01-04-19 English PDF 4.76 MB 244.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg GEOS V2.0 Manual

GEOS Version 2.0 Manual.

04-05-15 English PDF 20.33 MB 272.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg Image BBS v1.2a Documentation

Documentation for the Commodore 64 BBS program called IMAGE.

24-11-16 English PDF 230.5 KB 195.00 Download
zip.png Kipper API Technical Reference
The KIPPER application programming interface (or API) is a set of functions that allow C64 programs to communicate over an IP network without being tied to a specific hardware device.
05-10-19 English PDF 174.04 KB 32.00 Download
zip.png Kracker Jax C128 Cannon Manual

* THE NIBBLER - Our powerful nibbler work• with aingle or dual 1571/1541 drives!

* FAST COPIER - Great for backing up your data disks or for use with Kracker Jax!

* FILE COPIER - This utility makes file maintenance and manipulation tasks easy!

* 1581 FAST COPIER - created for use with the new generation 3.5 inch disk drives!

* 1581 FILE COPIER - Transfer files with the new hlgh-speed 3.5 inch disk drives!

* MFM COPIER - Allows you to copy unprotected IBM and CP/M format disks!

* TIS EDITOR - Track and sector editor for 1541, 1571, and the new 1581 drives!

* ERROR SCANNER - Full featured error scanner with an on-screen display!

* DENSITY SCANNER - Allows you to check for altered densityes track by track!

* DIRECTORY EDITOR - This utlllly lets you alter and reorganize disk directoriesl

* KRACKER JAX - You also get 100 of our hottest, most popular parameters!

13-10-19 English PDF 385.39 KB 40.00 Download
zip.png Leo's 'Lectric Paintbrush Manual NEW

With Chalk Board's PowerPad and Leo's'Lectric Paintbrush, drawing is exciting. You don't need paints, water or crayons.  You don't need scissors or glue. All you need is your imagination.  Your finger becomes an electric paint brush.  Drawing right on PowerPad, you see the design on your TV screen.  You can use Leo's 'Lectric Paintbrush to play with your design and change it. You can save the design on your diskette or cassette.  Then you can look at it later or make more changes.

19-02-20 English PDF 10.78 MB 1.00 Download
zip.png Lode Runner Manual

Lode Runner Manual

02-07-19 English PDF 687.89 KB 59.00 Download
zip.png LogicMaster Users Guide NEW

With PowerPad and LogicMaster, the entire family can enjoy many hours of fun and excitement.  Each game you play sharpens your powers of observation, as well as improves your problem solving abilities. Your goal is to solve LogicMaster's "secret code" by placing properly-colored shapes in their correct positions.  You can play by yourself or with a friend. You can design each game so that it is as complex or as simple as you like.

19-02-20 English PDF 590.77 KB 0.00 Download
zip.png Machine Lightning Manual

Machine Lightning Manual - The COMMODORE 64 is widely recognised as having the most powerful sound and graphics hardware available on any home computer, and as a result of this there is a rich selection of video games available for it, the mosst successful of which are written in machine code.  The author of such a game has a major problem too overcome - he has to have some way of designing the graphics to be used in the game, and he has to have a set of debugged machine-code routines to place the graphics on the screen.  Machine Lightning is designed to overcome these problems.

31-08-19 English PDF 3.59 MB 79.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg MegaPatch 3 English Manual

This is a manual for the MegaPatch 3 upgrade to the GEOS operating system.

30-10-15 English PDF 58.86 KB 275.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg MegaPatch 3 Manual

This is the manual for MegaPatch3 and TopDesk 4.1 - These are upgrades to GEOS version 2.0.

04-05-15 English PDF 58.49 KB 219.00 Download
zip.png MicroMaestro Manual NEW

Turn your television and computer into a music machine! Using PowerPad and MicroMaestro you can create new songs or play your favorites.  You don't need a grand piano or symphony orchestra - just your fingers, your imagination, your PowerPad and MicroMaestro .

19-02-20 English PDF 9.92 MB 1.00 Download
zip.png OpenCBM v0.4.99 Users Guide

OpenCBM v0.4.99 Users Guide

05-09-19 English PDF 412.05 KB 46.00 Download
pdf.png Outrageous Pages Loading Instructions

Outrageous Pages Loading Instructions

30-12-16 English PDF 612.18 KB 178.00 Download
pdf.png Outrageous Pages Manual

Outrageous Pages Manual

30-12-16 English PDF 6.48 MB 183.00 Download
zip.png Oxford Pascal 64 Manual

Oxford Pascal is an implementation of standard Pascal designed specifically for the Commodore 64.  It offers all the features of this powerful language with some useful enhancements for the personal computer user.

19-10-19 English PDF 40.97 MB 65.00 Download
zip.png Practicalc Plus Manual [vic20]
Practicalc Plus Manual [vic20]
05-10-19 English PDF 17.82 MB 29.00 Download
pdf.png Print Master Users Guide

Print Master Users Guide

30-12-16 8.28 MB 221.00 Download
pdf.png PrintPower Manual

PrintPower Manual

30-12-16 English PDF 4.97 MB 186.00 Download
pdf.png PrintPower Quick Reference Card

PrintPower Quick Reference Card

30-12-16 English PDF 85.94 KB 167.00 Download
pdf.png Printshop Companion Reference Card

Printshop Companion Reference Card

30-12-16 English PDF 141.07 KB 187.00 Download
pdf.png Printshop Companion Reference Manual

Printshop Companion Reference Manual

30-12-16 English PDF 1.11 MB 181.00 Download
zip.png Programmer's Aid for the VIC-20
Nice two page cheat sheet for VIC-20 programmers.
17-09-19 English PDF 1.65 MB 29.00 Download
zip.png Sargon III Chess - User's Manual
Sargon III - The Ultimate in Chess - User's Manual
12-09-19 English PDF 29.11 MB 44.00 Download
zip.png Simplicalc Manual
Simplicalc Manual [vic20]
05-10-19 English PDF 9 MB 37.00 Download
zip.png Speakeasy Installation and Operations Manual v1.2
SPEAKEASY is a human voice speech synthesizer designed for the VIC-20 computer. SPEAKEASY consists of a single printed circuit board that plugs into the VIC's memory expansion port or into a memory expansion board.
17-09-19 English PDF 3.85 MB 31.00 Download
zip.png Speakeasy Phoneme Editor Operating Instructions v1.0
The phoneme editor program is designed to help you develop words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs for Personal Peripheral Products' SPEAKEASY speech synthesizer board for the VIC-20 computer.
17-09-19 English PDF 8.47 MB 35.00 Download
zip.png Spritemaster 64

The Spritemaster 64 animation program is designed as a sprite generator and editor for use by programmers or as a fun and creative playmate for children or adults.

Sprites are movable object blocks which, through the power of the new Commodore 64 computer, can be made to imitate almost any moving object.

Spritemaster helps you build your sprite, then copy and modify it to produce a sequence of pictures which represent the object in motion. The Animate command will then put each picture on the screen in rapid succession to create the animation. This is similar to what takes place in a movie projector where still photographs, each a slightly different picture, are rapidly projected one after another onto the screen to produce a “ motion picture.”

Spritemaster lets you modify your sprite picture sequence to produce colors, shapes and sizes which give the best effect. In addition, you may change the speed of animation (the rate at which the still frames are displayed) or the speed of travel (the vertical or horizontal movement across the screen).

Once you have created your animated figure, you can save the informaton to tape or disk for retrieval at a later time. You may want to refine several figures for use in a game program. Although Spritemaster is not a game program, it is a program to create game objects. For example, it cannot display a pitcher throwing a baseball to a catcher. It can, however, be used to create the pitcher as a separate sprite, including the throwing motion, then the baseball as another sprite, and then the catcher as the final sprite. Each object is created separately and then transfered to other programs for interaction and movement as desired. The programmer’s reference section provides guidance on how to manipulate sprites in your own programs.

24-08-17 English PDF 5.53 MB 208.00 Download
zip.png Super Pascal 128 Manual

Super Pascal 128 Compiler and Software Development System for the Commodore 128.

19-09-19 English PDF 5.16 MB 57.00 Download
zip.png Super-C 64/128 Manual

The programming language C has been in existence since about 1972. It was developed by Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan for the operating system UNIX.  More then 90% of UNIX was written in C.  With the spread of UNIX, C enjoyed greater popularity as well.  Super C now makes it possible to program in C on the C-64 or C-128.

19-09-19 English PDF 16.33 MB 38.00 Download
zip.png SwiftSheet 128 Manual

SwiftSheet (Also called Swiftcalc) 128 by Cosmi - Swlftcalc replaces pencil, pad of paper and the modern calculator with its electronic worksheet.

18-09-19 English PDF 3.48 MB 60.00 Download
zip.png Symbol Master v2.0 Manual
Symbole Master v2.0- Multi-Pass Symbolic Disassembler Manual
17-09-19 English PDF 15.1 MB 35.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg SysRes Users Guide


24-11-16 English PDF 3.56 MB 191.00 Download
d64 floppy.jpg The 1581 Toolkit Manual

Manual for the software utility package called "The 1581 Toolkit".  This manual is for v2.02 of the software.

12-10-15 English PDF 11.4 MB 391.00 Download
zip.png The Commodore 64 Macro Assembler Development System Manual NEW

This manual describes the Assembly Language and assembly process for Commodore 64 programs which use one of the 6500 series microprocessors. Several assemblers are available for 6500 series program development, each is slightly different in detail of use, yet all are the same in principle. The 6500 series processors include the 6502 through the 6515 (the instruction sets are identical).

12-02-20 English PDF 9 MB 19.00 Download