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I haven't had the forums running in a long time, but I wanted a "news" area and didn't want it to be the landing page for the site, so I thought this would be the best solution and at the same time give users the ability to exchange thoughts. I know the Commodore community doesn't really need another forum but seeing, so it could just be me talking to myself, guess we'll see.
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2 months 2 weeks ago #32 by Mo
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just a hello and note/intro. i understand most use social media and forums, but i suppose another forum for this site is appreciated even if for weirdos like myself who just don't generally and prefer minimalism, focus on soft and data, preferably on diskettes :whistle: uh: . i probably spend too much time fiddling with the c64 and hardly have time otherwise to socialize, so while i sometimes read public internet forums for new things, don't use social media otherwise. the c64 forum i used was probably on gamebase64 briefly and who knows how many years ago. but very interested in a forum here, simply for quick contact and news, because frankly i am a software hoarder, and i do have a problem. :silly:

i have made it a bit of a habit to come around to see what's posted. frankly, i probably have much of the existing software, but i'm a total mess with scattered stuff on hard drives, lazy and can't help just re-downloading everything repeatedly when i need it. trying to break the habit. it seems a lot of NEW stuff has been surfacing regularly the last few years..

i may in fact when i get in "that mode" organizing, scanning and collecting soft or perhaps just very periodically or randomly toss somethings your way.

just signed up obviously and going to fill out profile info with my sites/info, so feel free to message or contact reciprocally.


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2 months 2 weeks ago #39 by mhoney
Replied by mhoney on topic Forums Take Two!
Welcome aboard Mo!

You and I seem to have a similar issue when it comes to Commodore software. I too can't help downloading everything I find, whether I have it already or not. I set this website up specifically to help me get everything sorted so I can spend less time hunting.

Thanks for joining.

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