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U64 Streamer v U64 Streamer v1.24

Changelog v1.24 (20/03/2021):

  • ~ Fixed: CTRL+C image capture key, was not working anymore
  • ~ Fixed: F1..F8 key assignment/remap
  • ~ Fixed: NTSC scaling optimalisation
  • ~ Fixed: Video frame processing optimalisation
  • + Added: mouse actions on outputImage. left click=toggle menu, right click=settings
  • + Added: U64 stream will be stopped when hitting “stop stream” button or closing app, if auto start/stop stream is enabled
  • + Added: new image scale algorithms to make output quality better.
  • + Added: screen resize / full screen function (PAL/NTSC), with realtime PAL/NTSC switching
  • + Added: scan line simulation, use with default or scale algorithm, nearest neighbour can create unwanted artifacts (values:Disabled..20%)
  • + Added: audio mute function
  • + Added: audio volume slider
  • + Added: menu position/visiblity optimalisation for different screen sizes/positions
  • + Added: window size and position saving
  • + Added: restore original size on double click on output window

*Note - This isn't the latest version.  As of 11/4/2021, v1.25 is the latest version.


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