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Ultimate 64 Firmware v3.10a / Core v Ultimate 64 Firmware v3.10a / Core v1.41

Changes in 3.10a, compared to 3.10


  • [Issue-246] Fixed: Virtual Printer crashes when file cannot be created.
  • [Issue-234] Deleting last item in directory makes selection invisible
  • [Issue-236] Confirmation modal asking a question only gives 'OK' instead of 'Yes/No'.
  • [Issue-R17] Added mapping of ESC key to RUN/STOP.
  • [Facebook Request] Added: Leave menu on mount (can be selected per drive)
  • [Facebook Bug Report]: Allow Maverick (and others?) to write wrong sector headers on MFM tracks.
  • [Facebook Bug Report]: Unable to select GeoRAM. Is now a mode of the RAM Expansion Unit.
  • [Facebook Bug Report]: Fixed color palette not loaded at boot (U64 only).
  • [Facebook Bug Report]: Fixed USB sticks not recognized
  • [Messenger Report]: Improvements to palette file read. Rejects faulty files. Fixes hang-up
  • [Messenger Report]: Fixes 'Create DNP' when run from Telnet. Turned out to be a stack overflow.
  • [Email Discussion]: Adds EEPROM segment to GMOD2 when it is missing in the CRT file


Size5.01 MB